Newest Faxion Online Screenshots Released

Hot on the heels of the last Faxion screenshot release, four more scenes have been unveiled. The new shots showcase the in-game combat special effects and the first glimpses of both Heaven and Hell.

We cannot wait for more screenshot releases and, hopefully, a few videos to see what the MMORPG community is in for with this PvP and Territory-control centered game.

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tknation2864d ago

Oh, most definitely approve of this. The game has the kind of quirky, off-beat humour I doth thoroughly approve of.

Bags_BuzzFocus2864d ago

looking forward to this one

Murgatroyd72863d ago

Might this end up being an MMO actually worth playing?

omicron0092863d ago

looks pretty good, that last ss reminds me a lot of LotRO

Lediard2863d ago

I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet but the visuals are starting to come together nicely. I just wish they would release more content.

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