Debut trailer of PS3 exclusive Disaster Report 4

Irem has launched the debut trailer for its upcoming PS3-exclusive title, Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories. The 60-second trailer is in 3D, so it is a bit blurry without the proper glasses.

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Shoko2981d ago

The PS3 version of Disaster: Day of Crisis

sarshelyam2981d ago

...which was the Wii version of the original PS2 releases Disaster Report & Raw Danger.

Tommykrem2981d ago

I have a feeling this one's going to be special. Disaster Report 4: Summer memories. The sub-title does make the main title sound a lot more evil.

gauntletpython2981d ago

I hope this one hits in the West. These games aren't perfect, but they hit a niche that no other game covers, so its easy to look over flaws.

rdgneoz32981d ago

So many good games that either never make it West or get huge delays.

Vegeta90002981d ago

Looks like yet another AAA PS3 exclusive.

Eiffel2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )


*Watches trailer*

Uh... hope it's a comedy like Deadly Premonition, cause that music had me rolling with those scenes of disaster. Didn't fit at all.

2981d ago
-Judge_Fudge2981d ago

this looks better than a 3 tit hooker

pixelsword2981d ago

I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not, lol.

Dellis2981d ago

Ubisoft is copying this, it is called "I AM ALIVE"

gauntletpython2981d ago

I Am Alive could be good. The more disaster the games, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

xX TriiCKy Xx2981d ago

No, its not. Unless they changed the main character's look, its not.

Perkel2981d ago

i am alive isn't out yet and this is 4 part ;)

So who is coping who ?

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The story is too old to be commented.