Infamous 2 To Support PS Move?

Many big titles have been announced that they will have PS Move support. Killzone 3, Socom 4, MAG, and now Infamous 2?

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Nitrowolf22926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

i wouldn't be surprised if it does, looks like a title that could plus it releases in 011, a lot of time to put it in

Echo3072926d ago

Agreed. As long as it's only an option, I want to see it in every title they can properly fit it in to.

SilentNegotiator2926d ago

Am I remembering wrong or is this old information? I'm PRETTY sure that I read weeks ago about Infamous 2 having Move support.

blitz06232926d ago

I can see it control like Sorcery, only this time its lightning and not magic. Would be nice thrusting your fists for a lightning bolt.

unrealgamer582926d ago

Exactly, As long as move doesn't take away from the experence then I'm fine with It.

jwatt2926d ago

I think this would make me buy move.

Trebius2926d ago

I'm getting move not for KZ3 or RE5 or Heavy Rain, but for Infamous 2 :)

Bodster2926d ago

I actually has me interested aswell, the possibilities are endless with a game like Infamous 2! :)

DA_SHREDDER2926d ago

Yeah, but i dont see the point? Why waste your time implementing the move controller especially considering it doesn't have a right analog stick. Try playing mario galaxy without the dpad on the wiimote and you will see what im saying. I would be fine if it just supported 3-D. I think the move is awesome, but not necessary for every game that comes out.. It should be a no brainer decision to add it in a game. This game is not the case.

eggbert2926d ago

aiming. At least thats the way it was in InFamous 1, so I can see why they'd be thinking of implementing it.

Nitrowolf22926d ago

that is pretty much the use in every game, aiming and camera

Forbidden_Darkness2926d ago

And since Move can be used for that, it would work.

sickbird2926d ago

they already announced this...

Apotheosize2926d ago

Makes sense to me, most of the combat is done in third person shooter mode, so why not

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The story is too old to be commented.