Why Halo: Reach's success could be bad news for business

Yahoo: So now it’s official: Microsoft's first-person behemoth Halo: Reach is the year’s biggest entertainment event, generating $200 million in sales in just 24 hours in the United States alone.

That’s two-thirds of what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 took in from the North American and U.K. markets in its first day last year, but it’s still a number that’s nothing to sneeze at. The one-day take already eclipses the three-day opening weekends of “Iron Man 2,” “Toy Story 3” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

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Shaymin3006d ago ShowReplies(7)
KionicWarlord2223006d ago

Yahoo is basically saying dued to Halo Reach`s popularity its hurting the game industry .

If more people want to play halo then thats there choice .

Any game can sell well if its good and holds a consumer`s attention .

DigitalAnalog3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Let's put it in this perspective:

"That’s a lot of reasons to play -- and could give buyers plenty of excuses to put off other purchases in the coming months."

If it affects COD sales. Then yes, this is a very good thing to know. Besides just because 8-10 million possible Halo: Reach purchases will not exactly affect the other 30 million 360 owner's purchases.

“There’s always a worry that a game like that can take share and cannibalize other games”

As long is the game is AAA quality. I'm all for this. We need to eliminate as much shovelware (better yet, overrated franchises like COD) from the table as possible.

-End statement

Apotheosize3006d ago

This just in, not everyone likes Halo.

Anorexorcist3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

EVERYONE!!!...loves Halo!!!

No One Likes Killzone!!!

No One likes Call of Duty!!!

And everyone in Western, Eastern, Northern, and Southern Civilizations holds a shrine to Master Chief...

Yeah, continue to believe that MS Sycophants!

lowcarb3006d ago

"This just in, not everyone likes Halo."

Nobody said you had to!

madjedi3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Well the last sentence of your previous post, could be interpreted that way, and thats subjective it owns all, at best.

Reach having it's sales aren't any worse for the industry anymore than red dead's sales or any other games sales are, stupid title.

@redrum sorry i dislike halo alot mainly the mp, but if the gameplay and overall quality wasn't above par vs a majority of average games.

No marketing blitz would push halo to achieve the sales number it has in the past, which is one of the reasons odst didn't sell like halo 3, i believe.

Dark void or kane and lynch would never hit halo's sales numbers(which is one of the exceptions in games) regardless of how much marketing they spent, even good/average games are iffy.

Anyone else confused why 2-3+ posts, just vanished did the mods delete them?

dragonelite3006d ago

this just it got 200 million $$$$ in 24 hours so your opinion is useless for every halo hater out there there are 100 halo fans that do like it.

madjedi3006d ago

So it making $200 million, has what to do with his opinion exactly? All he stated was not everyone likes halo, he didn't it won't sell you idiot halo head.

Nor was he dogging the series, or said anything negative about the game.

So if his opinion is useless then so is yours and the other 100 halo fans and mine and the halo haters ect.

That's why it's called an opinion, so if he is a "halo hater", you must be the rabid halo fanatic.

Spydr073006d ago

I don't like the comparison to movie sales. A $200 mil day for a game is about 3.3 mil copies sold. For a movie, an $80 mil opening day is 8+ mil tickets sold. I'm just guessing at the average ticket price around 9-10$, more expensive 3D sales would change the number, etc. Either way, changes quite a bit when you consider how much of the U.S. population would have to go to an opening day movie to hit 200 mil (would there even be enough seats???).

Is the Halo figure worldwide or just the U.S.?

SpideyNut3006d ago

...because a game is $60, and limited to those who own the hardware to play it ; EVERYONE is a potential buyer of movie tickets, and an entire family could see a movie for the price of a game.

B-Real2063006d ago

generating $200 million in sales in just 24 hours in the United States alone.

Orionsangel3006d ago

Here comes debbie downer!

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