Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (Playstation Move): Review

Rely on Horror states: "Resident Evil 5 followed what many consider one of the finest games of all time. A cliche title to pass around, but it’s predecessor definitely earned it. When Resident Evil 5 was announced gamers were treated with a teaser that depicted, series veteran, Chris Redfield in unfamiliar territory with shadows of what we thought at the time to be zombies closing in around him. Flash-forward to see that Resident Evil 5 turned out to be completely different that what it initially seemed as. Gone was the sense isolation present in other Resident Evil titles, instead, replaced with nerve breaking action that can be experienced with a friend, on the same couch or on polar opposites of the globe."

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TheGuardianFID3011d ago

Too bad I already have the original release!!! 8(

Trebius3011d ago

So definitely getting the Gold Edition !!! lol

I'm so glad i never played it.

moparful993011d ago

I have the original as well but a friend of mine that wants the game is buying my standard copy for 20 bucks which I'm putting towards the gold edition.. I already have my move so looking forward to trying one of my favorite co op games with the move..

Anorexorcist3011d ago

Haterz be damned!

It didn't have the "chills" of past RE games, but seriously, is that such a critical point to completely dis-communicate the game???

Close_Second3011d ago

...the chills were missing its just that the gameplay offered nothing new. It was all too stale and generic. Good example were the boss battles. Same tired attack patterns and little or no AI.

Its not that RE5 was a bad game its just that it was nothing more than a previous gen-game with an HD visual makeover.

TheBlackSmoke3011d ago

..Like Halo Reach and every other sequel ever

Close_Second3011d ago

...there has been all too little innovation this gen but the titles that have innovated or have excelled in their genre have been brilliant.

I'm so sick of the COD games. Every damn game now seems to have a section where you go for a jump but miss and someone else pulls you aboard. Should be you have to do the catching and if you miss it changes the nature of the next mission as your fallen colleague is no longer around.

Matthew943011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

the levels were just boring and so were the enemies although that didn't stop me from finishing it.

its a good game but nowhere near as good as 4

TheBlackSmoke3011d ago

Completely agree, which is why I don't get RE5 being singled out. I am all for innovation, but there's also nothing wrong with a well made sequel which retains what people love about the previous games.

2hoodz3011d ago

too many re-launches.. never even bother with it..

AKS3011d ago

I'm not re-buying this. This "Gold Edition" requirement pisses me off.

rdgneoz33011d ago

Yep, I got it when it first launched, why should I have to buy it again? They should be able to patch it into regular copies, it would just take a bit more space for it. Hell, Heavy Rain had it patched in like yesterday and MAG is getting an update soon (and has it in the beta testing atm).

Its not hard for them to do it for the regular copies of RE5, they just wanna exploit their customers who actually felt like getting the game when it first came out.

jneul3011d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.