Sony's Folklore Jumps From PS3 to PSP

Sony is drumming up support this week for Folklore, its new monster-collection game for the PlayStation 3. The company will be showing off the game to attendees at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig. What the assembled masses won't see is the PSP edition, which Sony has told Kikizo is in the works in Japan already.

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ALIEN4131d ago

Did i read the same article few hours ago?

Ri0tSquad4131d ago

This game is great should do good on the psp.

Anything but Cute4131d ago

The title indicates that PS3 is no longer getting Folklore, instead PSP is getting it. Is that true? I don't think so, so change the title to something like Folklore coming to PSP.

Shaka2K64131d ago

Love it Folklore on the go, cant get any better then that baby.

Jdash244131d ago

i just downloaded the demo(from the japanese psn store, its called folks soul)............cant understand a thing they say but its kinda fun

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