PlayStation Move Motion Controller review (

Sony has dived in headfirst into the motion controller scene with their "PlayStation Move" controller. This review of the device comes from the Newark PlayStation Examiner at

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''as well as the Move-enabled SOCOM 5''


TrueScythe3012d ago

Yeah I saw that too, it's been addressed.

moparful993012d ago

I've had my move for one whole day so far and can honestly say I never expected to see myself having so much fun with a bunch of casual sports games.. Sports champions is fantastic. Ping pong is so realistic, if you swing in an upward motion as you contact the ball you actually put english(spin) on it. My favorite event was the disc golf. Seeing as I am an avid disc golfer in real life I was a bit worried about how this would perform.. Honestly its fantastic, you can hook shots around obstacles just by tilting the leading edge of the disc up or down. When I showed this to my xbox only friends today they were making fun of it until they actually played it. Two of them now want to buy ps3's for move.. Thats just how incredible this technology is.. Sony really has a hit on their hands..