Why Call of Duty IV will be one of the greatest games of all time?

Why should Call of Duty IV even be considered for one of the greatest games, history tells us that this title has to be earned by players and not readily given out. Now with GTAIV being delayed this has definately forged COD IV to the forefront as most anticipated PS3 release this year. The hype is strong and so it should be, over 2 years in production umpteen $$$$$ and loads of retailers banking on a good christmas. Only the test of time and gamers experience will tell.

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toughNAME4138d ago

am i the only one who doesnt care about this game?

looks more of the same

achira4138d ago

no you are not the only one. its pure hype about the game. but i hope its more than a decent game.

ALI-G4138d ago

among the only 3 who do not care about it

ngg123454138d ago

will be one of the greatest games of all time. Tell me when graphics define gameplay.

Premonition4138d ago

Thats some strong words "COD IV to the forefront as most anticipated PS3 release this year". I see other titles im looking more foward to, but I will be getting this game.

Marceles4138d ago

Yeah I'm not so sure about that...I've never heard of a multi-platform game being the most anticipated title on one console and not the other before. I'm anticipating this, but I've never been big on Call of Duty since I'm tired of the whole WWII theme, until I saw this upcoming one. For now I want Unreal Tournament 3 more on PS3 than CoD4. It's more anticipated for the 360 for me since the beta is coming soon and PS3 hasn't had much better luck in the multi-platform third party world just yet.

d3l33t4138d ago

it looks really fun! I hope it turns out as well as anticipated.

tony4138d ago

this game will be great and all that.its in the top 3 in my list of must have games.

pilotpistolpete4138d ago

Dude, it the same post your saying that the hype of "greatest game of all time" applies, but that it one of your "top 3" games to buy. Shouldn't it be the only game you will ever need to buy.

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