God of War Art Book Makes Us Cry

GameInformer: "Maybe it’s the gorgeous artwork displayed inside, and maybe it’s the paper cut we just gave ourselves under the nail of our thumb, but as soon as we got The Art of God of War III we started crying.

The Art of God of War III sells for $65 and starts shipping mid-October. But we just got out copies in the office, so here’s a little tease of what you can expect to find inside."

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All_4_One2957d ago

65 bucks huh? I would say that`s too much, but then I just remembered I dropped several hundred dollars on books for my classes a couple weeks ago, so 65 bucks is nothing for this incredible book for God of War fans.

PS3-2472957d ago

Wow! What an art book. $65 is a little to much to me. It can't cost more than a game.

HolaTarola2957d ago

Try de Limited Edition of that art book.. $300 my friend :)

Jack-Pyro2957d ago

Jesus, my Textbooks in College don't cost that much.

WoshJills2957d ago

My college books cost me $700. But that was for 5 books. This art book is worth it if you're a huge fan. I'd rather wait until someone scans them and uploads them onto the internet so I can set them as my desktop background.

Britney Spears2957d ago

It may seem like a lot but it's totally worth it. The art in God Of War is incredible.

omni_atlas2957d ago

I think you can get the regular version on amazon for 40 USD.

Its the same company that brought out the Uncharted 2 artbook.

DigitalAnalog2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Halo Reach: Legendary Edition to me is worth it's price. Why can't PS3 exclusives get some sort of AWESOME special edition's that include things like these instead of being given to a few "so lucky" Uncharted 2 fans?

So far Demon's Souls Deluxe is the best I've got.

-End statement

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