PlayStation Move Draws Huge Crowds

Sony’s PlayStation Move launches today in North America and some gamers are eagerly waiting for their chance to try out the new peripheral.

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lokiroo4202532d ago

No they are not, ask kotaku.

ConanOBrien2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

even the martians and the plutonians came to earth lining up just for move

scary indeed

WhittO2532d ago

reading PS Blog's twitter last night, there was alot more people than I thought would actually turn up!! Like an actual line haha.

Guess Move isn't a total flop after all, since it will only go up-hill from here as the great games start releasing for it.

Lifendz2532d ago

I saw that same article lokiroo. You gotta think Kotaku is a little schizo at this point. I mean, they had nothing but glowing comments about the Move and yet they use all of one gamestop as an indication of how the midnight launch went across the country. There must be some deep seeded resentment of Sony that they can only suppress for so long.

Dee_912531d ago

i forgot this came out yesterday
i was wondering what the commotion was in the electronics section in walmart yesterday
i didnt even look

madpuppy2531d ago

some sort of gay god of war hoodie???

Weaksauce11382531d ago

I see no factual evidence that would warrant them pluralizing crowd.

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lokiroo4202532d ago

Uh, yeah, that was sarcasm.

bjornbear2532d ago

or they just troll move articles -_-

I'm surprised about this! I thought Kotaku's word was the way =/ I guess I was mislead yet again (as with GT5 loading time =()

bennygunner2532d ago

cool, i hope the move sells a lot this holiday. i am going to be a little bias, and say that i hope it sells more than the kinetic.

Keltik822531d ago

Ya know, I was trying to buy a Playstation for about 3 weeks in CA in Orange county area and it was sold out everywhere! Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, Walmart and Target are some places I checked they were always sold out BUT there was always stacks of Xbox's, the Xbox was never sold out so I'm going to go with you and say Move will outsell Kinect.

spektical2531d ago


i already have a ps3, and i also live in the OC (fullerton to be exact) but yea i have only seen one ps3 and it was in the new best buy that just opened up in anaheim. Also huge huge lines for MOVE midnite launch at Orangethrope and harbor, and malvern and gilbert.

Keltik822531d ago

Ahhh I live pretty close to you lol. I'm in the Garden Grove area. I was just in Fullerton couple of weeks ago.

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Perjoss2532d ago

does anyone know if you need to buy a special version of heavy rain to play with move, i already have this game and am thinking of picking up move later today.

sackgirl2532d ago

I think there will be a patch when the HR Move Edition comes out.

Perjoss2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Oh thats great news, when i saw move 'edition' i thought they might try and milk. Whats the deal with resident evil 5 gold? patch or do i need a 'move copy' of the game, getting excited now :)

akiraburn2532d ago

Yeah, the majority of games that are getting updated for Move compatibility are just getting free patches instead of having to re-buy the games, which is really awesome. But of course, Capcom have been on a role with not listening to their fans and screwing their customers over, so why stop now? In short, you only get the patch if you have the actual Gold Edition of RE5 (even if you already bought all the DLC for an original edition), but at least they aren't charging for the patch. I heard the control scheme is sort of strange for it though, where you have to use the Move button instead of the trigger underneath to fire..

Perjoss2532d ago

ok, so there is a TRIGGER on the move controller... I dont own a gun but im pretty sure they have TRIGGERS to fire, why on earth would they not use the trigger for firing??

amiga-man2532d ago

22nd of september for a free move patch for heavy rain, i loved heavy rain and was glad to hear about the patch, and it being free.

Ravage272532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

while i agree it's weird to not use the trigger for firing, RE5:Gold Move controls are basically the same as RE4 Wii (which many people liked) Check out some of the impressions from forums discussing Move controls in RE5, it's not that bad really.

danoman642531d ago

a software update for heavy rain will be released around 09/24/2010, and u can just download, insatall and you are ready to need to buy a new one

pr0digyZA2531d ago

Heavy Rain does have a free patch. If you by the move edition you get

The Taxidermist playable scene 45mins extra game time.

3 x dynamic XMB themes for your PS3
Full game stereo soundtrack

Making Of videos: There are 9 Making Of videos totaling in around 45 minutes in length. They feature a behind the scenes insight into the game’s development with interviews from the development team and the game’s cast.

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Cloudberry2532d ago

The article's only provide link to the Twitter.

YellowLightofDeath2532d ago ShowReplies(7)
xAlmostPro2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

pretty big crowd tbh :) i dont know why the article is saying its a store though lol, it was a sony meet up where people get to play move, win prizes etc. not a stores release

ABizzel12531d ago

This is always stupid. Major cities are always going to be like this, while smaller cities are going to be like the Kotaku pic., because they don't have to worry about tons of people fighting over the same item.

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Rip-Ridah2531d ago

The population of L.A. County exceeds 13 million not 9 million. *On topic: Who cares how much Move sold though. Sony is quoted at saying that they don't expect a high volume of preorders/launch numbers. All that matters to me is that I and my 3 kids are enjoying it tremendously. I am even considering grabbing Tremble off of the PS Store for $9.99. Isn't that what this is SUPPOSED to be about? Fun and games right?

N4g_null2531d ago

rip-ridah you know maybe you should stand up for your self more. The ps3 fanboy crowd says it's about hardcore games not fun. Like wii games are fun but not hardcore your majority fanbase for your console believes this.

Oh yeah and they want the move to fail. I know crazy right?

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ZombieAutopsy2532d ago

It must be i just drove to Gamestop and they said they sold out a few hours after they opened.

Consoldtobots2531d ago

screw gamestop, I went to Best Buy this morning and was one of the first to get the bundle,nav controller and a nifty flat panel mount for the PSeye.
Move ROCKS!!!

Bigpappy2532d ago

You mean all of a sudden people line up at radio Shack to buy video games. Hah!
The guys on the left are in uniform. They look like they are waiting on a bus for a bus-ride or going to a game. But not even one PS3 or move shirt in the crowd. I say fake.