Suda51 concerned by PlayStation Move

The way PlayStation Move is sold - separately rather than in pairs - is problematic for developers, Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda has complained.

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Bigpappy2930d ago

I agree with Suda. If you are going to be play game that need a Nav, the controller in one hand can not provide the same level of comfort. Unfrotunately, I think Sony already knows this, but wants to sell the Move bundle under $100 entry price.

Stealth20k2930d ago

lol i would be concerned with his kinect game if I was him

Biggest2930d ago

Didn't these guys make No More Heroes? I figured they would feel right at home with the Move. Or is he genuinely concerned for gamers and their possible discomfort from using the DS3 as a navigation control? I hope it isn't the Kinect money talking.

inveni02929d ago

I think this guy just doesn't get it. There already games scheduled that require two Move controllers (The Fight). I'm sure there will be more. But it's not limiting. Look at Sports Champions: Some of the mini-games can be played with either one or two controllers. I think of it a little like iPhone development. When making a game for the iPhone, we have to consider that the user may have an iPhone 4. That means that we need two different sets of art: high-res and regular-res. It's a pain for development, but it's worth it to give each user the best experience.

The Lazy One2929d ago

The point he is making is that they have to make design choices differently because of how its sold. They can't ensure that people will have 2 moves or a move+nav or whatever (though the DS3 should alleviate that).

He isn't commenting at all on the ability of the Move, just the way it's being sold.

nycredude2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I think this guy should just stick to making his Kinect game. I guess being on MS's payroll, talking BS is a pre-requisite.

Rush2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Sorta like not being on Sony's Payroll and still talking BS xD

Am trying to figure out who is smarter you or Suda51 then I remembered hes getting payed for his "loyalty" so it's not really much of a contest is it.

Moonboots2930d ago

daaaaammmnn (Chris Tucker voice)

Sheikh Yerbouti2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

The nav controller probably won't be necessary for a lot of Sony games that use the main controller. Increasing the price to make Move more hardcore would turn off or confuse the casuals they are catering now. There is plenty of time to bundle them two once they sell.

Besides it is no dumber an idea as selling a console without a hard drive nor wi-fi capability with arguably the best online experience.

Tell Suda51 to go butt hump Kudo Tsunoda.

The Lazy One2929d ago

"Besides it is no dumber an idea as selling a console without a hard drive nor wi-fi capability with arguably the best online experience."

are you implying that either is not dumb then? From a development standpoint they are both dumb. From a consumer standpoint they are both smart.

It's usability vs cost. Personally I'd take usability every time, which is where both fall short.

Megaton2930d ago

If you read it, he's not even talking about the Nav. He's talking about using 2 of the regular Move controllers together.

Like this...

Snoogins2930d ago

Sony was foolish to not sell the Move in pairs, or at least make the Nav controller also support sixaxis motion tracking. Such short-sightedness could cost some quality exclusives down the road, or at least limit what developers will be willing to do with their games.

labaronx2930d ago

its sorta like asking if every wii game will require a nunchuck or motion plus, if the game is worth the investment, yeah i'll buy the extra stuff for it....

i do however believe Sony should have packed the nav controller in the bundle but again its not really necessary at this moment.

The Great Melon2930d ago


I wish Sony put an orb on the nav controller. That would have added the needed functionality for most games that would have required two moves. Oh well.. hopefully developers won't hesitate to require 2 moves. They might not consider for casual games, but I would think for normal games they would expect players to have two.

gamingdroid2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

The fact that 2x wand isn't mandatory, means that in some ways it is more limited than even the Wii. Unfortunately, it is hard enough to get people to adopt an accessory, let alone two of them!

So developers can't rely on that particular control scheme. Without two wands, I wonder how boxing (or similar games) will tackle that problem?

To be truly an improvement on the Wii in every conceivable way, Sony would have to implement analog stick on the wand and sell them in pairs.

FungLip2929d ago

@The Great Melon

Actually there are several other sensors built into the Move controller to make it works faultlessly all-around, the orb is only part of the story. Notice how the Move controller costs 20 bucks more than the Nav, it's safe to say that the orb doesn't cost 20 bucks to make

DelbertGrady2929d ago

He's being critical against Sony and I don't need to know why. It's enough for us to bash him.

IRetrouk2929d ago

umm its not like 2 wands are expensive, i think if people want to play a game that requires two wands then they will go and buy a second, i got two yesterday so that me and the girlfriend could play, it works as advertised and is well worth the money, im gonna file this under non issue.

skrug2929d ago


Nav controller has sixaxis motion tracking

STONEY42929d ago

"umm its not like 2 wands are expensive"

Har har, I wanna know where you're living. $100 is alot. Especially if you bought the starter bundle like the majority of people.

The Great Melon2928d ago


I wish Sony put the orb or the sensors inside of the Navigation controller. From what I understand it is essentially just a analog with a few buttons. The Wii nun-chuck at least has some accelerometers inside of it to allow rudimentary gestures. I am disappointed with the Navigation controller just because so much more could have been done with it if you compare it against the Move.

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yourfather2930d ago

Blah blah blah Move. Blah blah blah blah blah Kinect. Blah blah blah.

spandexxking2930d ago

i share the same concern. plus if they put an analogue stick on the move it would make so much better.
The FPS games like MAG and killzone have a horrible "deadzone box". if they put an analogue stick on the move you could have conventional right stick aiming but with a moveable cursor on-screen. it would be awesome.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Sony with the developer of Move (Anton) already stated why they didn't add an Analog Stick on Move.

It would be worse.

chaosatom2929d ago


I am not sure what the reason is...

Agent-862930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I agree with ALFAxD_CENTAURO that having an extra stick would be worse (the Move itself is supposed to be replacing the Right Stick). What I would rather have seen is making the Nav Controller as big as the Move and then adding a bulb to that (with the Move internal sensors); eliminating the need for a second Move.

2929d ago
The Lazy One2929d ago

the move replaces the right one, but if they had an analogue stick on it, they could have replaced both in one hand or been able to do some other crazy stuff.

Chokl8 Th1der2929d ago

I think they should use the head tracking ability of the eye for the right stick functionality and have a movable cursor on screen. It just depends on how well it can detect a slight turn of the head, if you didn't have turn your head very far I think it would be a perfect control scheme for a FPS.

Parapraxis2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

...use a DS3 with the Move...voila, problem solved.

tunaks12930d ago

that creates a problem, get ready for some hand cramps

bjornbear2929d ago


SIXAXIS + Move = chilled

you do know how light SIXAXIS is right? i believe its perfectly doable =)

Imperator2930d ago

Not really. Got the Move today and tried the DS3 as a Navigator and it works great. The DS3 isn't too heavy and it's easy to hold. I'll still buy a Navigator later on, but for those who can't buy it or don't want it then the DS3 works just fine.

baodeus2929d ago

actually i got cramp as it is just holding the DS3 (why so slippery and small?). They should bundle the nav with the wand.

However, it is weird since i saw that virtual tennis 4 using the wand only and they didn't use the nav. The player seem to just move by themselves or something.

gamingisnotacrime2930d ago

the complain would be that it is too expensive etc etc

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