What To Expect From Grand Theft Auto V

Sean Lowery Writes: "Gamers have been wondering for a long time now what is in store with the next installment into Rockstar's incredibly successful series. Where should it take place? What should the new features be? Well, fine reader, here are my answers (that will probably in no way come true)."

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metsgaming2982d ago

I expect it to be overrated. But seriously i hope they get someone the magic back like they had with gta3,VC, and even SA. Where it was fun even if you werent doing missions. After i beat gta 4 i stopped playing, it wasnt fun messing around in that game. Also they need to go back to the old controls the new gta4/RDR controls are horrendous.

swiftshot932982d ago

RDR is GOTY for me so far, best open world graphics, such an amazing environment to play in, a great story (and very strong characters) with a phenomenal ending, the best shooting in a TPS to date, dead eye is awesome, and of course attention to detail thats basically unmatched. There is no doubt the next big Rockstar game, if GTA V (Im thinking MP3), will be another groundbreaking game and will be another GOTY contender. I agree Rockstar needs to update controls (R1/RB should be used for sprint, not a face button), and needs to focus their games more (Mexico in Red Dead), but they have my full confidence.

metsgaming2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

i cant say for the xbox version but by watching the ps3 version i see that texture popping is horrible in RDR. When riding or horse if you look ahead of you its easily noticable that the texture keep changing on the same object. I believe the term is texture popping but i might be wrong about that. Especially in wooded areas just look at the trees and watch the same tree keep changing. Its so obvious its not just a little its constantly happening and it ruins the game.

Seijoru2982d ago

Just Cause 2 had better open world graphics.

Motorola2982d ago

Yeah RDR on PS3 looks meh, but still looks great. I will get disagrees but its the truth. I have rdr and a ps3. i dont care for RDR anymore though, i 100% it and its just sitting there.

swiftshot932982d ago

The game looks sharper on the 360, but thats it. The PS3 version of the game is still the best looking open world game there is, and yes, the game does have pop in, but the compromise is more than clear.

ThanatosDMC2982d ago

JC2 is a super open world game... damn huge area. I was surprised when i played it.

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DA_SHREDDER2982d ago

agreed mets. I was just thinking that when i rented the liberty city stories. The controls are shit. Dont get me wrong, the animations are top notch, but the characters movement was a game breaker for me. Also, the car physics needed tweaked. I cant believe they even released the game like that. I wouldn't have let it pass through QA it was that bad.

dangert122982d ago


i played gt4 for about 1 hour and never touched it again the then general mechanics were rubish and a big turn of

Vice city and and GTA 3 all the way

Hideo_Kojima2981d ago

You guys are idiots....

the controls are fine once you learn them.

I bet your the guys that couldn't play Killzone 2 either.

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iamnsuperman2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

As long as the open world is as diverse as San Andreas I will be happy..... GTA 4 was good but just being in the city i thought wasn't as fun as driving around over hills, desert and in the city

trounbyfire2982d ago

seriously when the DLC is better than the game there is a problem

GigaGaia2982d ago

For that, GTA5 would have to actually be the next installement. Obvious now they are gonna release spinoffs first and GTA5 on the next consoles.

kingOVsticks2982d ago

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ThanatosDMC2982d ago

HAHAHAH! Same here. I made him fat with blonde hair, dread locks, with stupid glasses and dual pistols.

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