A look at how used game sales work and why they make retailers so much money

"Paul Gale Network breaks down the used game sales industry and explains why it's such a profitable one."

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AaronPal8112924d ago

Wow never realized that there was so much money involved in used game sales.

Sev2923d ago

Is that sarcasm or is this really truly a surprise for you?

I file this under "no shit".

This has been going on for years, you really needed Paul Gale, whoever the hell he is, to write an obvious scenario for you to open your eyes?

John007guy2923d ago

Some people still don't know about the used games market? Surprising.

Anthonynoonz2924d ago

makes you wish you bought stock in gamestop when it opened or something

JIronMan2924d ago

More like "here's 10 for your game that's only 1 day old". Sucks.

John007guy2923d ago

Most hardcore gamers out there including the ones that visit this site already probably know about his this market works but for those that don't good piece I guess.

MidnightGamer92923d ago

You really can't blame retailers for doing this even though publishers hate it.

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