Are Cutscenes Ruining the Way We Remember Video Games?

GamerNode's Lucy Ingram writes:
"Cutscenes: the parts of video games where you become the audience. For years now, there has been extensive debate over the issue of these non-interactive mini-movies and whether the modern generation of gaming has changed the way we play, and the future of our games. Should video games look like an interactive movie? Have the ways that developers have enhanced games with their mini-movie action scenes become too much of a burden on players' enjoyment?"

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italianbreadman3007d ago

I actually very much enjoy cutscenes when done well.

C L O U D3007d ago

I really like the cinematic cutscenes where its very intriguing like MGS games.

Murpho3007d ago

I actually didn't mind the cutscenes in FFXIII, but I'm probably one of the few. I love my cutscenes, but I don't want them to be more than a few minutes long unless it's an ending cutscene. Then I'd say five to ten minutes at best. Long cutscenes are why I never played MGS4, I just watched my brother play it. I think cutscenes are nice rewards and breaks for making it through certain points of games, but they shouldn't take over from the gameplay. Like you said, they should drive the story.

italianbreadman3007d ago

Do you think the value of the FFXIII cutscenes lies in the fact that the play in between is so ho-hum?

DanCrabtree3007d ago

I couldn't agree more about FF13, but Bioshock and Half-Life 2 both had "cut-scenes", just in a non-traditional sense. Instead of jumping out of the player's skin and getting some floating camera perspective, you just stayed as Gordon or Jack and experienced the scene first-person. But they are definitely cut-scenes in the regard that they "cut" between the action and playable portions of the game.

amlabella3005d ago

I figure if a game is telling a good story, then I don't mind cutscenes. I know there are some cases where I play a game just to get to the next cutscene because the narrative is so strong. But when they go on a bit too long it can be frustrating. I loved MGS4 but there were quite a few occasions where I was getting a little impatient.