Resident Evil TV series in the works?

Rely on Horror states: "A summary of Capcom’s net income records, dating back to 2004, has been released. Besides the usual talk of sales and other financial facts, it’s stated, or rather reiterated, that Capcom is going to really be pushing out content next year. Games that correspond to their well-known franchises from the likes of Street Fighter to Resident Evil. Note that “content” was stated, not “games”. While multiple iterations of gamers’ favorite Capcom franchises will be seeing release next year, the publisher isn’t limiting their well-known IPs to just that medium. It’s stated that Capcom will be delving into other markets for their franchies, markets such as TV, comic books, animation, film, music, and mobile games."

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jay23011d ago

Oh awesome, here's hoping.

DasBunker3011d ago

hope its not as bad as the movies...

Thecraft19893011d ago

The movies really are not that bad considering how much detail they have to compress to fit in to length of the movie I really like afterlife.

Coolmanrico3011d ago

I would love if it happened, but you can be sure people are going to complain. If you think the movies didn't stick close to the games, just imagine how much stuff they're going to have to make up to fit the story into a 12(or more) episode season.

Trebius3011d ago

Why not?

There's no really good Zombie apocalypse/outbreak television show, only movies.

Should be interesting if they go through with it.

crzyjackbauer3010d ago

I think the guys at capcom wake up and say
capcom employee 1-"boy how can we f*ck up resident evil today"
capcom employee 2-"damm i dont know lets make a crappy tv show"

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ThanatosDMC3011d ago

I'm all for it as long as it's good.

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jeeves863011d ago

This seems like an awful idea. RE has some scary games. Everything else about it isn't all that scary...

labaronx3011d ago

isn't there already a zombie type show premiering soon?

Coolmanrico3011d ago

There is, it premieres next month. I'm wondering how a Zombie type Tv show will work.

newhumanbreed3011d ago

The Walking Dead will be a success. Trust me, I'm from the future.

reaferfore203010d ago

Walking Dead eh? I forgot about that. If it sticks to the storytelling style of the comics it'll be the shiz=NITE!

Raoh3010d ago

the walking dead is what is inspiring this..

the walking dead is killing the comic book and graphic novel scene and is being lumped in with mad men and breaking bad...

forget gaming for a sec.. read the walking dead..

then go play resident evil (recent games) and you will see that the walking dead is eating resident evil's lunch

(on a familiar note, lil carl about to do something i think, his mom and sis dead, fellow survivors dead, his little girlfriend is crazy, her mom crazy, he killed shane, he killed that other little kid and now he caught his dad talking to his dead mother on a dead phone"

yeah its about to pop off ....

reaferfore203010d ago

Definitely my favorite comic ever. Punisher is a close 2nd. That little kid knows whats up lol.

The way I see it is anyone that isn't Rick is dead by default. The author said he's the only one that won't die, and the whole prison fight kinda shows that you shouldn't get to comfortable with anyone being around for very long... you know... exploding babies and such lol.

I'm a few issues behind, I need to catch up!

OT: Resident Evil quit being a survival horror game a long time ago. Hopefully if they do a show it won't be about the action like the past games have been.

Leonesaurus3011d ago

It would be great if they used the CGI character models for it instead of live-action. They could use scenarios to tell the story, sort of like outbreak did, but more interesting. It can focus on survivors in raccoon city. Or operations undertaken by Chris and Jill and different B.O.W.'s they come across. Just an idea. Wesker can be the main villian throughtout as well with new baddies introduced. It'd be great to push for more RE games as well.

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