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Eric of Writes:

"Mafia II is a game that any fan of great storytelling will enjoy, and you’ll enjoy it even more if you are a fan of stories revolving around the Italian Mafia in its heyday. Mafia II has everything one would want in a mob story. It has brutal murders, betrayals, twists and turns and of course rats. The excellent story is brought to life by the superb voice acting of relatively unknown actors. Almost everything in the game helps further immerse the player in the game, the one thing that doesn’t is the open world environment that wasn’t utilized to its potential."

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tigresa2680d ago

I'm impressed a game of this genre has a really solid story like that! It's usually just riddled with stereotypes and miscellaneous killing... and terrible Italian movie gangster accents. So bad. I want to try this and maybe Kane and Lynch 2 sometime too. The year of the sequels reigns high!

theherp802680d ago

so hard to not spoil the story when talking about this game.

K-Tuck2680d ago

People love spoilers in reviews!

Snarkasaur2680d ago

I can't seem to give a shit about this game. I've also never watched The Godfather. Discuss.

rrquinta2680d ago

How un-American! LOL. Seriously, I'm not really into either myself.