The August & September Big Games Preview

A highly detailed in-depth feature with listings of Release Date, Platform, Developer, Publisher & Game Description.

Anticipate & Enjoy.

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Depressed Mode3441d ago

I personally think the list could have been better.

Rowland3440d ago

Can you find a better one ? - I'd like to see it...

Depressed Mode3440d ago

I didn't say the list was bad, but I think there are alot more titles that could/should have been added.

toughNAME3440d ago

Halo 3 out does them all

yes...even Bioshock

dinkeldinkse3440d ago

Halo 3 is going to be the biggest bust ever.
Halo sucks
Killzone rules

Milkman5413440d ago

Lists like these...Seem to be put together by people who don't even play games...come on Medal Of Honor: Airborne, and John Woo’s Stranglehold...sorry but those aren't two of the biggest games coming out in those months..

arcadegoal3440d ago

good bioshock review shame about the list though

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