Kinect vs. Move: A PAX Prime 2010 Experience

"It's safe to say that Nintendo has, once again, changed the way the gaming industry sees itself. It did it before with its D-pad , the analog stick and once more with the Nintendo Wii and it's motion control. Now, years after the Wii's release, both Sony and Microsoft are jumping on board the Motion machine with the (Microsoft) Kinect and (Sony) PlayStation Move. We've all seen the impressive videos and demonstrations both big hitters have put on for us and both do a good job of impressing, but after my weekend at PAX Prime 2010 (9/3-9/5), one of the two falls short of even my expectations."

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InfectedDK2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Kinect, Move away!

aceitman2982d ago

move foward, kinect away!

InfectedDK2982d ago

If you don't know what to do then just MOVE

Windex2982d ago

think that this Kinect games will make u thin and fit...

i am not arguing whether kinect is good or bad, but i am saying Kinect wont make u get in shape.

go to freaking gym and work out like regular healthy people. if u really think that this fitness game will make u thin, then u deserve to lose 150+60 bucks and deserve to stay fat.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2982d ago

ah how cute it's like a mini reddit in here.

jack who2982d ago

i have lost 10lb on kinect so far

Imperator2982d ago

Kinect's not even out yet, lol.

FACTUAL evidence2982d ago

Will the kinect line be longer than Move's line? Find out in the next episode of FANBOY WARZ!

Christopher2982d ago

***As someone who considers themselves a versatile and pretty hardcore gamer, I felt less immersed and got bored very fast playing Socom on the Move than I did while playing Your Shape - Fitness Evolved on the Kinect. If I did have to pick one, Kinect would be my choice.***

That sounds so contradictory.

Misterhbk2982d ago

Just picked up my Move stuff today
2 Move Controllers
2 Nav Controllers
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
and obviously Sports Champions considering it came in the bundle

I'm very happy with all of it! Its so precise! Sony didnt lie guys! The Move works perfectly!

40cal2982d ago

Yep, I am very happy with the way Move performs.

And that is coming from someone who was disappointed in the Wii's controls.

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Bigpappy2982d ago

It is so obvious that Sony is making a mistake with the Move and that M$ has a much better plan. Patching DS3 games is Okay, but how exactly does that help the PS3 expand their audience? Their casual offering is weak and the hardcore games they offer are better played with the controller they were designed for. They need to get to work at bringing some appeal to the Move. Those who are sensetive loyalist will not be able to see this. But, if you can step back and focus a bit you will see what I am saying and have been saying is onpoint. But if you prefer, you can wait until year end for sales results.

Parapraxis2982d ago

Bigpappy talking about "sensetive loyalists"...classic!


Xephon082982d ago

so let me get this straight...

MOVE which has been shown to work, has been shown it can be used in casual games, family games and hard core games is bad and sucks

while Kinect which has been shown to not work, and have very very little appeal to hardcore gamers and only offers a small spectrum of variety that doesn't include waving your arms like a moron is awesome.

yes you are right...

Bell Boy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Yes but Kinect appeals to the fanboy sense of spouting bs morning, noon and night.

Infact from the stuff I have seen thus far of Kinect it is the ultimate bs spouters wet dream.

The emperors new clothes for the year 2010

Imperator2982d ago

Why are 360 fanboys so concerned with Sales? Kinect doesn't work and even if it sold 10 million units day 1 it would still not work. Why the heck are you guys so blind?

AllyOmega2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

If hardcore players werent so stuck up and stubborn, and saw that move isnt a flailing around(ive played it myself, and archery feels PERFECTLY natural)type of controller (my friend tried to play Sports Champions' gladiatior game by flicking his wrist as he would wii boxing, didnt work out well), and that you can play while being just as relaxed as you would be with a DS3, and were more open to new experiences then i think it would have a great chance of being the best motion controller on the market. I cant say the same for kinect simply because i havent played it. i think Move has a chance if the Hardcore keeps their minds open to new possibilities. Ive heard a few editors of gaming sites say that SOCOM 4's motion controls are very natural, and that theyre even willing to play the entire game through with it. keep your minds open, guys and dont be biased because of the wii's mediocre controls.

tyrex2982d ago

MS can be more flashy marketing wise .they are great at marketing anything usually. but allowing people to play with an interface that is easier and what they might be accustomed to (wii crowd). which is really just another controller option. how could that not possibly expand the user base. your saying games for move are weak, but the exact same thing could be said about kinect. lol your not onpoint your just opinionated

EVO-OM3GA2982d ago

Hmmmm I don't find move line up weak at all I just think it's interesting how alot of gamers turned away from the wii because of the controls it's hard to say the wii didn't have hardcore games it did gamers were just too blind to see them or give them a chance.

Move is a good piece of hardware and it's good that alot of sonys hardcore titles have it's support but I don't think alot gamers will use it for the games that give you the option of a pad simply because it may work to your disadvantage if your able to use it to your advantage then all good.

Kinect is a much harder tech to support with alot of ms core titles so your almost guranteed to be seeing completely new titles for it.

tyrex2982d ago

this was one of the most garbage a** VS articles. he didn't compare shhit. he said he got bored with socom, never said it didn't work correctly or not. and then picked up an exercise game. really i do that without kinect.

Boody-Bandit2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

You're a riot but I think it's more wishful thinking on your part than you being honest.

Sony made a brilliant move with "Move". Think about it this way. 70+ million Wii fans don't have to wait for Wii HD. They can just move over to the PS3. It has a controller they are familiar with that works better and in the 3D. Plus it will offer them what the Wii doesn't have. HD graphics, HD digital sound, online (I know Wii has online but let's be serious), BluRay, 3D and more 1st and 2nd party support than all other consoles combined. Not only that but it will offer them hardcore games as well. I know there are a few on the Wii but that's just it. They are too few and too far between.

If anything this forces Nintendo to go in a different direction with their next console. We all know Nintendo cant compete with Sony and MS with hardware so they needed the Wiimote to do what they did this generation. Next gen they wont have that luxury.

EVO-OM3GA2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I don't think nintendo needs to do anything they have dominated this gen with the weakest console everyone that owns a wii 9/10 has it cause it's generally a fun console and all there games bring the family together.

Then there handheld is also setting the standards nintendo are happy all the have to do now is focus on delivering the next machine that will do what the wii did and it will

Bigpappy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

There are no simple fun game for the casual crowd that would make them want to move from the Wii. That plus the Move does not bring enough newness to draw casuals. Kinect has all of this. Fun simple game that are even easier to get into that the Wii. Because it use the entire body, is perfect for fitness games that sell so well on the wii. Kinect is the more natural upgrade for them.

tyrex2982d ago

I see. You are talking about who sells more, who is more marketable, who has the hook irregardless of if the tech works or has games that are actually good. Sales only works for me if the casuals graduate to buying the games that i like, or the money made from casuals goes into the development of types of games that i play.

Bigpappy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

He make the point that Sony's best games for the move are DS3 games with Move support. He thinks they are better played with DS3.

He thinks M$ had the better strategy because they when for games that are unique to Kinect. I again agree.

I think this is about how best to sell the 2 devices, more so than which one is better for gaming. So it is about "Sony Move" VS "M$ Kinect" and which will attract more sales (popularity). That is what both companys want. There done care care who you or I fell about casual gamers. They want to sell to everyone on the planet. They only care about sales my friend.

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Wolf8732982d ago

darn thing has been charging for two hours now. As soon as it finishes, I'll be 'Moving' along too :D. Sorry for the bad pun, I rarely use them.

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