Spore: Creating "4 Billion Planets" or Spherical Worlds Video Demo

How the devs have created tools to allow them to create the whole unverse, and how they will be filling that universe with "Billions" of planets. The toolset they use seems to be only for the artists working on the project, but it may appear in the game also. Really cool video.

Make sure to watch it all, as the real time demonstration begins around 8.15mins into the video.

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Blasphemy3925d ago

This game seems quite ambitious I might actually pick it up.

synetic3925d ago

hope i have the time to visit all the planets

gaffyh3925d ago

I understand what you mean, 4 Billion really is a ridiculously huge amount of planets

FordGTGuy3925d ago

it would take you over 125 years to see each planet.

lennonisgod3925d ago

So... would that be without sleep??

bootsielon3925d ago

Unfortunately (For wiiboys), this might be too ambitious for the Nintendo Wii. Fortunately, I have a 360 and PS3. Unfortunately, many gamers only want blood, sex and guns. Fortunately, this game has potential to revolutionize next-gen, and to attract a lot of casuals and scientists. Unfortunately, it's being made by EA. Fortunately, it's costing them a fortune... they have to give something back at least, don't they?

By the way, I wish there was an option to modify gravity. Will Wright should have thought about that...

Ps3Fanboy7773925d ago

Cool software tool!

Cant wait for the game, although I have a feeling it will be awhile. Will play it on whatever its on!