Gran Turismo 5: Practice Your 3D Racing

Though the video doesn’t show the resolution, Gran Turismo 5’s visual have gone through a noticeable up grade since the release of the PSN Demo. Handling and controls are still very tight, and the cars seem to have had their modeling tweaked. All and all, GT5 is looking like a hit.

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rockleex3007d ago

"when you put on those 3D glasses everything jumps 30 feet closer, and feels like it’s moving 10 MPH faster than the on-screen odometer is displaying."

That's because we've become too used to 2D racing without any depth.

Another reason could be because Polyphony added 3D late in the game.

GT6 will be built from the ground up with 3D in mind, therefore Kazunori will be able to make sure the 3D depth is true to life.

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k2d3007d ago

Games doesn't have to be build from the ground up with 3d in mind, like movies do. You don't have to wait for GT6.

DigitalAnalog3007d ago

Sorry, any movie that added 3D "late" turns the whole screen into a anaglypic mush. The kind you use your red/blue glasses to view 3D. There is no depth and the characters look like paper cut-out stands you see outside your local video renting shop.

-End statement

SonyWarrior3007d ago

thumbs me up if you think DigitalAnalog doesn't have a clue what hes talking about but only trying to sound smart.

DigitalAnalog3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Give me examples. Really, please do. And don't give any Animated CG films. I want live-action samples.

-End statement

rockleex3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Movies like Avatar are built from the ground up with 3D, shot with 3D cameras. Therefore the 3D is always good.

Movies like Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender WERE NOT shot with 3D cameras.

They had to hire other studios to come and TRY to split the 2D images into different layers... therefore you end up with paper cut type of 3D.

People also get sick easily from watching bad 3D.

And I don't know why there are so many of you in this article who don't know ANYTHING about 3D, yet act as if WE are the ones who don't know anything about 3D. -_-"


My point was that Kazunori would be able to fine tune 3D for GT6 to the most realistic setting. With GT5, it was added late in the game so they have less time to make sure it feels right.

But I'm sure GT5's 3D will do just fine.

k2d3003d ago

Well, I'm glad we're partially agree at least.

I'm exited to see how particle effects will look like, guessing they're only 2-d images...

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kingteekej3007d ago

Im not using my money on a 3d-tv now anyway, but if the price decrease some levels in the beginning of 2011, maybe I will go for it. Not just because of 3d racing with GT5, but also movies.

XXXCouture3007d ago

well huge changes has always come over time, and rarely very quickly

The_Claw3007d ago

just picked up a 46" 3d led bravia. best buy's gotta heck of a deal goin on right now. 1300 bucks of goodies included with the tv! 3d is INSANE. its like your looking out the window. i bought motorstorm, superstardust, and i already had the show and pain. Gaming will never be the same..... I cant wait to play GT5 in 3d!!

divideby03007d ago

yea... saw that package.... I am still gonna wait till after the holidays before we pull the trigger on our next HDTV, which of course will be 3D AND as with our other 2 HDTVs. I will look at all the brands and wind up buying and spending more for the Sony XBR line...

how anyone can give you a DA for you comment.....really needs to get a grip of reality..

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