IGN: Wii Sports Resort vs. Sports Champions Video Grudge Match

IGN writes: "The PlayStation Move is finally upon us, and that means the motion controller war is in full swing. Today, Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort and Sony's Sports Champions face off so that we can tell you which one is more fun".

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skynidas3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I'm pretty sure that Sports Champions is way better.

WildArmed3011d ago

Honestly, I'm just waiting for Dead Space 2/Time Crisis to show us how motion gaming is done :D

I'm not really too into SC or WiiResort

skynidas3011d ago

Time Crisis with the PlayStation Move seems to be really fun.

Montrealien3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Time Crisis is great, cant wait till it comes out. However I have to disagree, although I really love Championship Sports, Wii Sport Resort is much better imho, except for the kiddie Wii Graphics, there is just much more to do.

With that said, Gladiator Duel on the Move is the most fun I have had with motion controls since Wii Sport Resort, it makes me dream of playing a Move enabled Demon`s Souls.

skynidas3011d ago

lol, Demons Souls with move, that would be kind of fun, but extra hard.

raztad3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )


DS or any other action RPG for that matter. I can think on ESV.

A little more on topic: Looking at those minicollection being compared ultimately resume the audience they are aimed for and the type of console they run on. I'm so glad PS3 owners can experience motion control which such fidelity and maturity. Gonna get my MOVE.


Dont read too much into that comment. Remember this is IGN being polite.

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Trebius3011d ago

because it's too realistic ...

WildArmed3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )


..because you can't play Table tennis in real life, they should simplify table tennis in motion gaming -.-
Great Logic Greg!

And here we though Sony was pushing 'Accuracy and Precision' for no reason -.-

If they wanted to make a gesture based game, the PS Move (w/o the PSEYE) would have sufficed.

Millah3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

No, don't take it the wrong way, he has a point. which I'm sure you'll understand when you get your hands on it and try. There's a reason Nintendo has the game guide the characters on screen in certain ways. When you get THAT realistic like the Move is, it's incredibly hard to accurately judge things when you're not actually hitting something but rather looking at a TV screen as your base of reference. It's a lot harder to judge depth and how to swing etc. when you're not actually hitting anything. When it gets that real, because of the fact that you're trying to operate in a virtual 3 dimensional space projected on a 2 dimensional surface, it gets difficult. It's hard to explain, but i'm sure some of you will see when you get your hands on it. Now if this was on a 3D TV, OMG it would be incredible :P.

This isn't a knock on Move at all, the technology is incredible and I can't wait for some killer games, but the developer DOES need to help give the player a little leniency and help correct things just a little. This is a video game after all, not a virtual reality thing, which is what makes Wii so approachable to casuals.

ChickeyCantor3011d ago

"..because you can't play Table tennis in real life, they should simplify table tennis in motion gaming -.-
Great Logic Greg! "

You're not that bright are you?

The UserInterface is suppose to be intuitive, but if the de game is limiting itself to pro's only it takes away the FUN of enjoying a GAME that shoul be played by everyone.

Wh15ky3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

The table tennis on Sports Champions is simplfied, just not as simplified as Wii Sports Resort. It's very responsive, very engrossing and it really matters if you're playing a fore hand or a back hand.
I'm terrible at table tennis in real life, yet I managed to pick it up quite easily with the Move. Sports Champions is very pick up and play, it's just deeper than most motion games.

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nycredude3011d ago

I just picked up the package but I have to wait til it charges. :(

MaximusPrime3011d ago

i just played sports champions using my brother's ps move and game. i was impressed.
miles better and accurate than wii sports resort.

im afraid im going to my friend's wii night next Sunday i will show him ps move and let him decide.

guitarded773011d ago

I have both (got my move today), and Sports Champions is a better experience. It plays better and looks better.

iamnsuperman3011d ago

I agree with them about the personality of the Wii. The sports champions does have just normal characters but the Tech is more advanced.

WildArmed3011d ago

I did hope to see Home character integration
(I can finally use that white knight chronicles costume for something then!)

But, the Sports Champions did lack personality (judging by what I've seen)

InfectedDK3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

To be honest I don't want that Mii thing.
I think Sports Champions is very fun and also very accurate as it is.
But just my oppinion

You do get to customize.
You win extra stuff like fx a tennis ketcher in table tennis and other clothes for the characters by winning games..

WildArmed3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Oh, I know the game is great.
I was hoping for just more customizations of characters (even if they gave you the ability to customize the current characters would be awesome). I'm really looking forward to trying out archery when my Move arrives
Honestly, I hated playing the Wii sports games... it was quite frustrating getting owned by my 7 year old niece xD

spectyre3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

This is my problem with Nintendo in general. The games are all so "cutesy" with that overly cheerful synthesized music... five minutes of that, and I want to strangle a kitten. Oddly enough, I have always been known to be rather calm and "mello", but for some strange reason these types of games trigger a seething rage from deep within.

As far as Sports Champions lacking personality, that was definitely a design choice. I personally prefer the silence as it seems more realistic and really allows you to get caught up in the game. At least that is my experience with it thus far.

HeroXIV3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Sports Champions is by far better as a sports game. Don't forget they're kinda aimed as SPORTS games not as PARTY games. Sports Champions if you have a game of table tennis with someone else it's a game of skill + power.

You beat someone at Sports Champions then there is more of a chance you'd beat them at the real sport. Wii... Not so.

I disagree with Miller's point about Sports Champions being bland. The environments are pretty, gorgeous water graphics, and character models make it seem more serious. This is like EA Fifa vs Sega Soccer Slam.

They both have purpose, they are in the same "field" but they're not the same game.

finbars753011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I agree with you all the way.I own all three consoles and I just picked up Move tody and Im really impressed with the 1:1 motion and the graphics.I cant see how Miller sees bland when the enviroments are beautiful with rich colours and texture.What does the WII offer???No hand MIIs with blahh cartoony trees.I always said that it looks like the MIIs are knock offs of the hotshots series.The Move is family orientated but without making it look to silly but more of a true sports game that can be taken lightly and seriously.I do give credit to nintendo for what they did with motion controllers and family games but they where always one step behind to catering to all gammers and thats where Sony has done the the right thing.There trying to make everyone happy without stepping on toes.Sports champions is a wicked game with different variety that works great not at 80%.Pick the Move up if you want to see how fun it was meant to be with true motion contolers.

Nitrowolf23011d ago

both are good
With MOVE i had to actually reach forward or back to play, you can't do little flicks like with wii games and they respond with them. Sports champion is really good, i am loving it

skynidas3011d ago

Yeah, it's more precise.

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