Joystiq: Ape Escape Move Preview: Monkey madness

Joystiq writes: "Ape Escape's first foray onto the PS3 is a PlayStation Move game. Ape Escape Fury! Fury! arrives in Japan on December 9, and, like much of the Move launch lineup, it will be budget priced. Perhaps that's a good thing, because I can hardly see Fury! Fury! being fun for too long".

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rockleex2985d ago

Man, I hope they make a REAL Ape Escape game soon.

One that brings all the awesome innovations and gameplay that the original 2 did.

sinncross2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Well SCEI are working on AE4 apparently.
Fury Fury was just some Move title another team wanted to get done.

I dunno... if priced right this could be worth it. Could be fun

jack_burt0n2984d ago

the ape escape style is great always funny and crazy def gonna import it.