Two Worlds II Release Date Confirmed - Should It Be Delayed?

XXLGaming writes, "We now know the release dates for North America and Mainland Europe. But should it be delayed until January? We'll tell you why we think it should."

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JsonHenry2927d ago

I don't think it should be delayed. But then again I am in a position where I will be buying several RPGs that month.

Fable, Fallout, TW2, Arcania: Gothic 4... its gonna be a good month for RPG gaming!!

Johandevries2927d ago

+ Drakensang: The River of Time

Daver2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

The guy is saying that it should be delayed because its too much crowded in october and would hope to be released in january 2011... loll

Do you know how crowded Q1 2011 will be? It will be much more with a LOT of better games than the ones releases in Q4 2010

Johandevries2927d ago

But not big RPGs like Fallout NV or ArcaniA 4

Rom8282927d ago

This game is as good as it looks - It will be a "sleeper" like Demon's Souls - and the RPG fans will love it. If it sucks - what's new, we see it all the time...