GameSpot: Tales of Grace F Hands-On Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Namco Bandai's Tales franchise has come a long way since it was first created in 1995. The console fantasy role-playing game series now spans 12 titles and four animated works, a celebration of anime and Japanese culture featuring a handful of charming, childlike characters that populate an array of colorful fantasy environments".

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sinncross2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

If only NamcoBandai would get around to localization of these days.

Heck, just putting all menus/ subtitles in English would be fine, just release more of them outside Japan!

kesvalk2984d ago

namco needs to have a prize for how confused they made the fans of the series with all the multi-plat exclusives...

tales of vesperia on x-box, only in japan, annouce ToV for US, but only on PS3, now release ToG on wii on japan, and a US version only for PS3

and then they don't understand why their games don't sell...

lil boy blue2983d ago

foolishness is at work here