nullDC Dreamcast Emulator Running on PS3

" reported last week about drk||Raziel's serious undertaking of porting the nullDC emulator to the PS3. drk||Raziel has again exclusively informed us of his latest development. After many hours of debugging he has finally got the emulator running on the PS3! Currently it is just the Dreamcast BIOS running, but very impressive none the less! The BIOS still have graphical glitches, but understand this project is still very early in development." More pictures after the jump

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Godmars2902685d ago

The guys running the site have such small egos they have to plaster its logo all over images to the point it ruins the images?

Joec032685d ago

Images were changed with less fugly watermarks

KratosGirI2685d ago

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle...

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chazjamie2684d ago

nah, i would rather have a ps2 emulator running on my ps3. a flawless one, that plays all games. and is not affected by fw updates.

TheObserver2684d ago

Linux on PS3 could ran emulators and all kind of stuff. Didn't see anybody jumped on that. Until hackers ruined it.

PSjailbreak is a fail excuse. "Bu...bu... but we want teh homebrewzzz!!!!11one"

TheMART2684d ago

You are very badly informed...

OtherOS/Linux could only do 2D tasks. Thus, it could do some NES emulation, but for the rest it was very limited.

WIth PSjailbreak it can do 3D tasks also, and as Dreamcast is one of them consoles that 3D big, it needs PSJailbreak. So yeah people are jumping on this, because XBOX 1 couldn't emulate the Dreamcast softmodded, neither can Wii. Like Wii also can't emulate Sega Saturn very well.

So I'm happy, next up a Wii emulator as Move+Sub = Wiimote+Nunchuck

TheObserver2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Just like before, you still have to wait for people to* make the homebrews.

Work WAS being done to compile a N64 emulator, but I guess that is no longer possible (No linux). *They were going to run software acceleration to make 3D.

It was news a while back.

Dekonega2684d ago

Gnu/LInux on PS3 though OtherOS bootloader could do lots of things and among them is 3D graphics.

Problem is that environment was built so that using RSX wasn't possible in later firmwares (after 1.23). All 3D tasks needed to be built using only Cell B.E. and since it's pia to program on that high level nobody bothered to write any software for it outside science community. OtherOS is pretty much capable for doing everything you can do on more common personal desktop computer and even more. Ie. you can do real-time raytracing on it (which was pretty amazing 2005).

Theonik2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

It seems that you didn't really use Linux on PS3 so i'll leave it to that.
Edit: TheMART at Xboxkings seems to have explained it well enough. As for a Wii emulator i don't know.

SilentNegotiator2684d ago

"You are very badly informed...
OtherOS/Linux could only do 2D tasks"

Someone is misinformed alright...

Oner2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

"TheMART at Xboxkings

You are very badly informed...

OtherOS/Linux could only do 2D tasks. Thus, it could do some NES emulation, but for the rest it was very limited."

I am copying and pasting that for prosperity. This is why NO ONE should take what Mart says seriously. EVER.

Apocwhen2684d ago

Access to hardware acceleration was blocked by the hypervisor that was part of OtherOS. The kind of emulation required for nullDC wouldn't have been possible without access to the RSX.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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