1UP: Disgaea 4 is Disgaea Amplified in Every Possible Way

In a not-at-all-surprising move, Nippon Ichi's annual Tokyo Game Show press event centered entirely around the announcement of the fourth Disgaea game. What was surprising, however, was the event's scale. Normally NIS hosts a modest gathering in lieu of a show floor booth; today's press conference was attended by more than 100 people and included, among other things, a live radio broadcast of a discussion panel by the game's Japanese voice actresses.

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dangert122771d ago

This game looks very interesting will the uk get a version? it sort of reminds me of pokemon just a tad lol

N4GAddict2771d ago

You should be able to import it from the US at least.

dangert122771d ago

i will if theres no uk version it looks mad fun

N4GAddict2771d ago

I'm glad that they upgraded the graphics.

koehler832771d ago

From PS1 to PS2?

To each their own, I guess.

Stealth20k2771d ago

Disgaea 3 couldnt have been done on the ps2.

The maps are the largest of its kind

Baka-akaB2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

enough already , it's true that d3 barely used the ps3's power , and that disgaea 4 isnt uncharted .

But it still went hd and use tons of effects we have yet to see in other srpg that arent named Valkyria chronicles .

Disgaea 1 was dated when it got out , no one cared about that , let's not make it about technically prowess either for any of the other ones

raztad2771d ago

koehler is clearly trolling.

Not every game has to be a graphical monster. Disgaea is a niche game, where gameplay is all that counts. If devels were to make Disgaea up to the visual fidelity of other more popular games they never will be able to recover the investment. That said, Disgaea 4 is definitely improved. People need to buy this and support those guys.

fuckoffodion2771d ago

you're dizzy cause you're an idiot.

Diseaga is supposed to be light-hearted and with comical effects. Nothing remotely close to FFXIII. Crackdown was a sequel that was supposed to improve but intead it's the same engine, same game and nothing new except zombies. Take some medicine for your dizziness. Although nothing can cure your stupid trolling. That's a permanent defect.

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Godmars2902771d ago

Titles like Cross Edge would have been a lot better.

Looked better anyway.

TheDeadMetalhead2771d ago

Cross Edge still looks a lot better than Disgaea 3, though.

eggbert2771d ago

I went through the whole game almost solely using Mao, near the end I ended up getting a bunch of berserkers as well for damage.

Never did reach lvl 999 though, and I never fully understood the whole PA system thing...

Greek God2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

dude read some walktroughs
im 70+Hours into the game and my Adell Reincarnated 5 times already and is over LV 2000
and i bought Adell 3 days ago xD
i love Disgaea


The Great Melon2771d ago

I'm glad they made the jump to HD graphics. That was my biggest complaint of Disgaea 3. NIS has my money, I don't want them to disappear.

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