E4G: PES 2011 demo impressions

E4G: Another season of football kicks off with PES 2010, but can the long running franchise keep pace with EA’s footballing giant Fifa?

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Chefooba2776d ago

I remember when PES used to be better than Fifa, but they're gonna have to do ALOT to get ahead of Fifa these days.

dkblackhawk502776d ago

Exactly, it is quite the stiff competition out there in this generation.

dangert122776d ago

i don't think the competion is stiff yes fifa would provide stiff competition but pes ain't even as good as it used to be were as fifa has gotten better much better then it used to be

N4GAddict2776d ago

A lot has changed in the past few years

dkblackhawk502776d ago

Yep a lot has, imagine Kinect with this thing, will be so fun.

quiddd2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

not many gamers will want to run in place for 90:00

comp_ali2776d ago

competetion is always good for us

hennessey862776d ago

in my opinion its a return to form for the series, i especially love the new passing system and the graphics look great on both systems. Thats the only choice i have, which system to get it on because im definitley getting it

Hanif-8762776d ago

Last year i was hoping that PES 10 would deliver but it failed brutally hard. I thought that with them implementing 360 degree dribbling "that doesn't actually feel like it" with a 1000 new animations that it would somehow catch up to the quality that Fifa 10 offered but i was terribly wrong. Pro Evolution Soccer 11 isn't even worthy to be on the PS3/Xbox360 it certainly plays like footy on the last generation machines. Whereas, Fifa 11 is something out of this world building on what last year Fifa 10 did with refining everything that was off or didn't feel right and making it what just feels like a football simulator. I haven't found anything wrong so far but best of all, it plays and looks alot like the sport. The animations looks spot on and mostly reacting like they should...this is definitely a MUST OWN FOOTBALL GAME FOR FANS!

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blkriku2776d ago

Fifa will always be #1 in my opinion but this game doesn't look too shabby either

BYE2776d ago

PES looks better since this year but FIFA is easier to pick up and has all the licences going, except Champions League.

shepowy2776d ago

i wish pes would take a year off and konami spend two years develoing the next game so it can be the best there is

N4GAddict2776d ago

They don't take breaks with sports games

dkblackhawk502776d ago

Definitely, just like vehicles don't take breaks either but is a really bad example if I say so...

galgor2776d ago

It's got NOTHING on fifa.

hennessey862776d ago

fifa is an arcade game pro evo is a football sim which is why proper football fans choose pro evo

foss32776d ago


that USED to be the case. since going next-gen PES has failed.

I'm a PES fanboy. I have never bought a FIFA game, loved PES/WE on PS2 and PS1. I bought PES2008, 2009, 2010 for PS3. I tried to like them. Eventually I would stop playing pretty soon because it just wasn't fun. Basically Konami has been able to fix most of the slowdown/glitches from the inital release, but besides that have not done much else. The gameplay has been broken the whole next-gen time.

PES2011 demo is a significant change. I like the passing and the gameplay feels more fun. I like all the motion blurring. Sadly compared to FIFA11 it is way behind still. Besides everything else, the gameplay is better on FIFA.

So this will be my first year getting FIFA. Now, PES has to win me back, not the other way around.

qadsia1232776d ago

And yes how the heck would it be compatibile with kinect?

terrorofdeath2776d ago

Calling PES, PEF. Sounds catchy :)
No more soccer, pls call it football

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