1UP: Ni No Kuni is Beautiful, But Hardly Revolutionary

What you have, basically, is a pleasant Japanese RPG that isn't nearly as breathtaking as its graphics. That isn't to say it's a poor game, though. On the contrary, the rustic charm of Ghibli's visuals is a good match for Ni No Kuni's mechanics, which are very down to earth and familiar.

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fallingdove2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

This is good. Anytime a JRPG has tried to be revolutionary this generation, I have absolutely despised it. - Final Fantasy XIII in recent memory. Id be content with a new, beatiful, story driven JRPG, with a competent battle system in this desert of uninspired "revolution".

Clarence2981d ago

I really hope we get to experience this game in the states.