Top 5 Forgotten Xbox Exclusives… That Deserve Sequels Right Now!

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester takes a look at five original Xbox exclusives that deserve a next-gen revival.

Lester writes: "The original Xbox didn’t manage to secure an enormous volume of titles compared to the PS2… but like the Dreamcast before it, the quality of its exclusives are absolutely spectacular. Many displaced SEGA franchises and several brand new experiences found a new home on Microsoft’s fledgling ‘arthouse’ console, but the likes of Halo CE and Project Gotham soon erased them from our memories."

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Anarki2772d ago

YES!!!!!!!! OTOGI!!!!!!!!! that game was fucking epic and would be amazing on a current gen console!

DA_SHREDDER2772d ago

my favorite xbox games that deserve a HD sequel

Jade Empire

cayal2772d ago

How there is no KOTOR 3 is beyond me.

sonicsidewinder2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Xbox as an 'Arthouse' console? I like that.

I too would like to see Jade Empire sequalized, i reckon it's Bioware's most original game.

Also Star Wars : Republic Commando. (Wants know what happened to Sev!!!)

Dino Crisis 3 was god-awfull lol but i'd like a Dino Crisis 4. Hell re-boot the series. It's been years now, and i'm sure the majority wouldn't mind. (Keep Third Energy though)

...fucking dino crisis 3 man...*lols*

kaveti66162772d ago

The Kotor series was also on PC and, and yeah, it deserves a true sequel, and it will eventually get one. Bioware are doing this stupid MMO right now, but they'll definitely come around, and they'll say, just as I predict, "Oh, well with The Old Republic we were trying to capture the spirit of Knights of the Old Republic, but because it was so expansive we couldn't create that tight narrative experience, so we decided to go back and look at what we did with the original Kotor that was so great, and we decided that it was time to create a true successor to the game."

Kotor 3, next gen bitches!!

darthv722772d ago

crimson skies, blood wake and quantum redshift.

Funny thing about QR. It was developed partly by a guy who worked on wipeout on ps1.

smilydude132772d ago

They didn't even capture the KOTOR spirit in my opinion. That art style with the 'heroic' proportions just really, really ruins it.

smilydude132772d ago

They didn't even really try to capture the kotor spirit or appeal to kotor fans at all in my opinion. With their silly art style and the 'heroic' proportions I feel rather alienated. Can't believe they're ruining pretty much any chance of kotor 3 by resolving Revan in a crappy MMO quest chain/dungeon.

Nac2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"The Kotor series was also on PC"

Yes, later ported, but both KotORs always started Xbox first. I can't really get into them when playing the PC versions. Xbox always for me.
Truth be told, at one point there was a KotOR 3 in development(back in 04) but it got canned. For the most part, Force Unleashed came out of the ashes which was KotOR 3, and we all know how mediocre that was. I want to have hope to one day see it, I really do, but I don't know if I can keep the dream alive. Its been six years.

DJKGBYF2772d ago

Even if they made a KOTOR 3 they would probably change the gameplay from an RPG to a game like The Force Unleashed. Sure, the graphics would look good, but it just wouldn't be a KOTOR game.

I just don't see them continuing anymore of the old series, KOTOR, Battlefront, Jedi Knight, Empire at War, and so on. I think what LucasArts is trying to do is what every other developer wants to do, really just have one main product that is known to make money, and with that you lessen the chance losing money, and maybe have some smaller projects on the side.

I don't think LucasArts is willing to take risks anymore. Look at that Indiana Jones game that was supposed to be on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, we saw it one time and that was it. I think they will continue to pump out games like The Force Unleashed until people have enough of that, and then just move on to some other project that can make that same kind of money.

n to the b2772d ago

I would say bioware's Dragon Age still has the KOTOR gameplay. it's an rpg with combat that runs on auto-pilot until/unless you decide to control matters more directly.

so it's not too much of a stretch to hope for the same gameplay in a new KOTOR, right?

DJKGBYF2772d ago

Right, but it's up to LucasArts. Look at Star Wars Galaxies, SOE made the first change, then LucasArts wanted them to change it to the current system, so they did.

Like I said, I just don't see LucasArts as being a risk taker like they used to be. I just don't think those games would be a success in the mind of LA, and I don't see the newer generation of gamers playing KOTOR and enjoying it like we did.

Given the choice between a singleplayer game with average graphics but had the best gameplay, story, and characters, vs playing some FPS with great graphics, really short singleplayer, and the generic cut and paste multiplayer, I really think most gamers would pick the latter. I think it all has to do with an age gap between what older gamers played as kids and what kids today are playing.

Nac2771d ago

What about a Jade Empire approach to combat? I doubt at this age and time we are ever going to get the turnbased/real-time combat back. Hell, Dragon Age 2 has changed it's combat supposedly. Gah! I hate the desire to go mainstream!!!

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RememberThe3572772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Jet Set Radio Future getting the love it deserves. I loved that game and I would LOVE another game from the series.

Aikuchi2772d ago

How is Jet Set Radio a Xbox exclusive? I remember playing it on the Dreamcast. Though i do agree Sega needs to make a sequil.

Non_sequitur2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

JSRF was the sequel to Jet Grind Radio and it was exclusive to xbox. I haven't played JGR but totally loved JSRF. I couldn't stop playing once I started. I still have it and glad to have a 360 available to replay it when I want to.

crzyjackbauer2771d ago

is still remember the guy screaming on the tile screen
JET SET RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lightningsax2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Agreed! Those are some great games right there. I'd put Gunvalkyrie on top, though; that ridiculously challenging and weird game needs a new home. Then again, Vanquish is starting to bark up the Gunvalkyrie tree with all its boosting - if only one could boost in the air in Vanquish...

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BlackTar1872772d ago

was awesome i wish they would release another one. My only gripe was the community.

DasBunker2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

arent they gonna release a new one?.... with kinect support.

RememberThe3572772d ago

Yep. Also, the creator of Panzer Dragoon Orta is also making a game for Kinect.

TheBand1t2772d ago

Yea...they announced a new Steel Battalion like, this week dude.

Blues Cowboy2772d ago

Spot on, it was revealed at TGS. The article was pending for a few days though, as explained in the text.

Theonik2772d ago

Seems like you were very prophetic then because we basically have a panzer dragoon and Steel Battalion successor out of this TGS xD
I was gonna say you were inspired to write this article due to the new steel battalion.

BlackTar1872772d ago

i cant wait. Kinect only?
Il have to watch a video or something to see how they use all the buttons with kinect.

Not saying it cant be done but i cant seem to think of any real good way to make it work accurately.

Theonik2772d ago

No gameplay vids yet. Just a trailer. I am also wondering this given how kinect can't track fingers anymore. Will be awkward.

Blues Cowboy2771d ago

That's an excellent question considering the huge number of controls that the original threw at us.

Maybe this will be the first title that uses both Kinect and a controller? Or has Kinect elements/minigames?

baodeus2772d ago

good list, but should also add Phantom Dust.

hoops2772d ago

Conker would be AWESOME for a true sequel.

nefertis2772d ago

@baodeus a very underrated game, I love the abilities in Phantom Dust.

baodeus2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

yeah, sadly not a lot of people know about it. Seriously, it is the only game out there that can give you endless ways to play the game (almost any strategies that you could think of, given you have to know your skills set really well, you could do it). It has 370+ skills that you can mix and match creating any type of game style that you want (long range shooting, sneaking, speed w/hand combat) I can't even fathom how deep this game can go and i barely scratching the surface. Not only that, it does a much better job of destructive gameplay in style much more so than any dragon ball games ever could.

Agree nefertis.

I think i might have to settle for link....something to play with other people. Dam the old xbox live got shut down.

Oh, they should complete the Advent Rising series as well. I thought that was one of the most fun game i have played on the xbox. It is one of the few TPS action game out there with a really great story to back it up (Orson Scott, the author of Enders game wrote the story for it)

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