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GameShark writes: Halo Reach means getting to select your equipment before you spawn. Period. End of sentence. Full stop. Nuff said. Sixty bucks, ladies and gentlemen. Don't put your wallet back too deep in your pocket, because some DLC will be along shortly. Don't forget to install and register for Halo Waypoint to get your free armor bits!

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hellraiserpop2643d ago

Translates to a 50/100 metascore.
Excellent proof of their credibility:
CoD MW2 : A/A

paintsville2643d ago

Hmm I'm not sure what happened here? For this site to give such a low score that has consistently been scoring very well is a little questionable. Thats not to say they just have a different opinion, but I would feel that professional reviewers would all be looking for the same criteria in any given game. That this site differs from so many others is a little troubling.

lastdual2643d ago

It's like reading a rant by a forum troll.

He complains about additions like customization in firefight because it should have been in ODST....He complains about lack of bots because he thinks it's a conspiracy to get people to pay for Live....He complains that the campaign is terrible because it's a well told war story and not some mystery with a ton of plot twists.

Seriously, it's like someone crapped in his Cheerios. I'd expect this from a troll topic on gamefaqs, but for a supposedly professional review it's quite pathetic.

tplarkin72643d ago

I've played every Halo game since day 1. Halo 1 is the best one. Bungie did not understand why Halo 1 was great. Halo Reach is the example of developer that is overconfident and bored with the franchise.

Halo 1 had Gregorian Chant music, all-male military (in combat), Cortana as a constant guide, mysterious evil aliens that scared the crap out of you, and a truly open world with few invisible walls/ceilings, and graphics that easily held up for 5 years, and....the best flashlight in the history of video games.

Over 10 years, the franchise has gravitated to political correctness. Reach has Arabic music, a female Spartan that looks and sounds like a man, no babe to guide you, a tweaked Halo 2 engine with low resolution and framerate issues, a bunch of whiny companions who are more emotional than my mother, flashlight!

Halo Reach is mediocre PC garbage.

Lovable2643d ago

Well this goes to metacritic. I think the score is way too low.

Unicron2643d ago

I really wish people would stop caring "if its on Meta" or not.

Meta is a joke.

ElementX2643d ago

Meta isn't a joke, it's a useful tool. I can get a synopsis of every major review for movies, games, and television all in one place without having to type in URLs I can just click "read entire review". I don't see why people have an issue with metacritic

Unicron2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Sorry I should clarify. For those actually seeking information, yes it can be a useful tool. The problem is, far too many people look at just the damn score, and not the actual information contained within. And considering Meta chooses not only what sites to include, but the weighting of the score... I find that rather lame. I mean look at the thread here... people have more issue with the score than the content of the review.

So I guess my beef is more with people who treat the scores as fact, and the fact that so much of the industry thus has to conform to it (some devs don't get royalties unless they break a certain arbitrary score you know).

Motorola2643d ago

Its funny cuz people say meta is a joke when HALO gets bad scores.

Genesis52643d ago

I don't even play Halo but I'll still tell you Meta is a joke.

StanLee2643d ago

Yes, Metacritic is a joke. It needs to be standardized before it can have any credibility. There needs to be a very short lists of media deemed credible gaming media - - - not blogs or 2-bit fansites - - - whose reviews are trusted industry wide.

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lokiroo4202643d ago

"Halo: Reach isn't terrible. It's just too familiar. There is nothing here to merit a full release, much less its status as one of the "event" games of the year. Halo 3 added a story in which you played as an Elite. It also introduced the concept of special equipment. These were pretty big deals. Then ODST gave us the co-operative Firefight mode, which had been a long time coming and was worth the wait. But there is no equivalent in Halo: Reach. It's mostly tweaks, shine jobs, new maps, slightly different weapons and a couple of modified vehicles. Call it combat evolved, if you will. It's the stuff of updates and DLC."

Nothing but truth.

N4PS3G2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

NOthing but truth! word!

Except the other 60 reviews that say otherwise ;)

hoops2643d ago

All game sequesl are Familar. There are very few that are not.

ElementX2643d ago

Lokiroo, have you even played Reach? Your bio only shows your PSN name so I doubt you even own a 360. You just copy/paste the review and say "nothing but truth".

AwesomeJizz2643d ago

Hmm the ability to play as an Elite was given to you in Halo 2..
Not knowing such a thing leads me to believe you never actually played Halo.

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Nitrowolf22643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

i don't own reach or a 360 (i am out of cash right now almost bought the bundle today)

They gave MW2 an A
when they ripped on this game for feeling to familiar
MW2 felt exactly like one, maybe even less since it wasn't that much different just with new maps (which they ripped here to)
idk that just seems dum, maybe a B , but i mean readin this review it doesn't seem like these are good reason when you rate another game beinge xactly the same higher. idk what new thing MW2 added, i mean it was pretty much the same game with new tweaks and getting constant updates right?

well it an opinion, plus you have to take in account as to who is reviewing it
this is a different author then the guy for Mw2

RyuDrinksTheDew2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

wow, super harsh. someone wants some hits on their website.

(awaits being called fanboy by fanboys)

Dance2643d ago

bashing high profile game is good way to get hits

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