Fable 2's Co-Op Shortcomings as Explained by Molyneux

"I think we're taking a poorly implemented feature in Fable 2 and really making it shine in Fable 3." Peter Molyneux's enthusiasm, equally infamous and infectious, doesn't necessarily extend into the past. The creative director of Microsoft Game Studios Europe guided people through Fable 3's improved co-op design during a Friday morning TGS session, eagerly contrasting new features with some earnest recollection of the previous game's shortcomings.

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paintsville2712d ago

maybe fable 3 will correct these shortcomings.
Well have to wait and see.
This studio has a reputation for releasing quality games.

ZombieAutopsy2712d ago

The fact you can take your own hero into other peoples games in Fable 3 makes it a hell of a lot better than Fable 2 co-op, it was really the only problem i had with Fable 2

ASSASSYN 36o2711d ago

Really... the fact you had no control of your coop screen in another persons game wasn't a problem for you!?

F4sterTh4nFTL2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

where Fable 3 could not.