SGL: PlayStation Move Review: “Yes, It’s Technically Better than Wii”

SGL: "The PlayStation Move isn’t just some superfluous accessory that you’ll use for one or two games and never touch again. In other words, it’s not the GunCon 3. Instead, the PlayStation Move, which is comprised of the PlayStation 3 Eye and the PlayStation Move remote (and Navigation remote if you so choose), is being touted as a completely new gaming experience designed to rival the motion-based gaming currently only offered by Nintendo Wii.

Is the PlayStation Move better than the Nintendo Wii and is it worth your money?"

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tehk1w12776d ago

Heading out to Gamestop in a few to pick mine up. Ordered the Move Starter Bundle and four remotes. Won't have anyone to play with until tonight, so I'll figure out how to use my feet to control the second player.

paintsville2776d ago

That this is being compared to Wii at all is a little troubling. Obviously Sony is trying, as is Microsoft, to cash in on the market created by Nintendo. When in Rome do as the Romans do, I suppose. Here's to hoping Move is a great success. But I don't want to see the PS3 just turn into an hd wii.

darkcharizard2776d ago

PS3 has turned into an HD Wii! OMG!!!!!

darthv722776d ago

ps3 will not turn into a wii hd. The idea of the motion controller is an after thought as opposed to the direction nintendo went. They built the controller and then the system around it. regardless of the way it is used, EVERY game for wii takes advantage of the wiimote in some way or another. From the simplest of motions to more obvious sweeping or waggling type.

Sony knows that this controller will not replace the DS3 but they also know they cant just bring it out and expect it to sell itself. I really think it will have more of an integral part in the next console sony brings out. OR as they get more into integrating their various devices I can see it being the new remote for a line of bravia's that may come out.

The comparisons to the wii are obvious. Both require the use of a remote device to control the on screen action. Be it using a camera near the TV and glowing ball on a stick or the camera in your hand and an LED sensor bar. The real testament to how it works will come down to the games.

inveni02776d ago

It resembles the Wii because it's something you use in your hands, and it can function as a pointing device. Beyond that, it's VERY different. I've played Wii...Move is definitely not Wii. Some developers may want to use gestures instead of 1:1, but that won't last forever. Sony will make sure of that.

danielle0072776d ago

that's a good chunk of change right there.

Wish I had that kind of $$, I want Move soo badly..

Nitrowolf22776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

been messing with it for a while
Eyepet made me smile a bit

Edited: what is up with the disagrees?

btw people who are trying eyepet, have any one been able to make a plane yet? my hands are shaky and when i draw it all looks like one big line
any suggestions?

MGRogue20172776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I'll tell you one thing.. I'd rather buy this than that Kinect rubbish..

If I'm going to make myself look like a complete moron in my living room.. then I'd like to do it with a controller in my hand. :P

TheGuardianFID2776d ago

from picking up the Sports Champion's bundle, an extra Move, and a Nav controller!!! 8)

djtek1842776d ago

Just bought it. It's actually really fun

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