Disagea will always be on PlayStation, Disgaea 4 details, trailer

First trailer of Disgaea 4, plus news, and a note from Nippon Ichi's president that Disgaea is a PlayStation series.

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knifefight2986d ago

And somewhere in a castle located on a mountain of money, Square Enix LOLs and WTFs at this man and his "giving fans what they want."

Godmars2902986d ago

But its not from anything they've directly done lately.

imoutofthecontest2986d ago

Yeah because nobody bought Birth by Sleep or FFXIII or Dragon Quest IX or Monster Battle Road Victory or DQ Monsters Joker 2...I mean, hey guys, hate the company all you want, but they're still raking in cash. On things they've "directly done lately."

But back to Disgaea here...I'm glad to see such a quick announcement of a stateside release. :)

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Urmomlol2986d ago

You mean besides that time Disgaea was on Nintendo DS?

Infernostew2986d ago

He said the main Disgaea series will always be on Playstation tv consoles. That doesn't mean that they won't remake the game for handheld consoles, like they did with DS and PSP.

imoutofthecontest2985d ago

That was a port. He said the main-series titles will always come out on PlayStation consoles first, before being ported elsewhere.

DeathGazer2986d ago

They are so much better when they support just one platform.

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The story is too old to be commented.