PS3 and Wii vulnerable to hacks and phishing

Games consoles like the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii are vulnerable to malicious viruses and phishing attacks. That's according to Symantec, which has been researching the security vulnerabilities of home appliances.

"They've already seen a piece of malicious code which advertised itself as a mod, a firmware unlocker for the Sony PSP. But if you were to run it, you would have bricked your PSP. It was irrecoverable," Symantec's Ollie Whitehouse told

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N4GayFanturds4136d ago

Looks like PS3 & Wii users are going to have to PAY a yearly subscription to play online after all...They'll be paying for an anti-virus subscription.

Norton WiiPS3 $$50 yearly subscription.


Kholinar4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

hmmm... yeah, I'm sure Microsoft's tech is invulnerable to all of this.

How many vulnerabilities has windows had since 3.1? Oh yeah, one every 45 minutes for the last 12 years...

The difference is that Microsoft's getting into the security subscription business. So, in a way, you're right. You won't be paying Symantec for Norton, etc.

_insane_cobra4136d ago

"hmmm... yeah, I'm sure Microsoft's tech is invulnerable to all of this."

Yes, it very well might be, have you missed this news post?

I guess Live being a closed system and Xbox 360 not supporting web browsing has some advantages. Still, even if it's secure now (and we don't know that for sure), they'll need to be careful not to open up some holes when they introduce mods and XNA games to Live users.

Kholinar4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

So you're going to take MS's comment on this as gospel?

It's a networked computer. Worms, etc. don't really care if it's on Live, the moment it's networked, it's vulnerable. Notice also that Microsoft said "generally" that's semantically equivalent to saying "we don't know" or "there's a little less than even odds". If I said, "you generally won't get shot in this neighborhood" would that really make you feel better? They used the most non-commital language they could find. You're making an assertion that they themselves never made and, probably, would never make. Generally safe and invulnerable are two very different things.

I hate this Symantec FUD, but listening to MS when they tell you you're safe if you buy their product is about like listening to McAfee's take on alternate operating systems.

Also, that email is wow... just so suspicious. I have no doubt that some MS customer support can have grammar and spelling that bad, but wow. One email isn't where I'd get my info. An official MS management-level statement would be much more credible.

dantesparda4135d ago

Bravo! Kholinar, its obvious you have some sense of intelligence and knowledge in you, unlike these other little "fanboy" kids on here

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Kholinar4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

"Whitehouse said that as most games consoles are now connected to the internet, they might be just as vulnerable to hacks, viruses and phishing attacks as home computers."

"five years off"

Symantec just wants another sales vector. Might, might, might. Of course they might.

But phishing, seriously? Are you really going to go to your bank site or paypal via your wii? I love the opera browser, but I'm not going to constantly surf. And even if the browser is anti-phishing, that just means that a user who pays attention to the url won't get phished. Most don't...

If the rest is five years off, then give the companies time to patch things, the psp has nothing to do with their assertions.

beavis4play4136d ago

perfectly said-bubbles for you

timmyp534136d ago

there was even a hacking contest that nobody won in. As for the PSP, now that is another story ;)

illizit4136d ago

To bad they really have not done any 'testing' on the ps3. They are just purely guessing. There is no proof of viruses, nor have they found any malicous code that can ruin a ps3. A psp, yes, but not a ps3.
They state the xbox 360 is more secure... lol thats why its already been hacked right? I guess they didn't notice that the ps3 has been out for almost a year and there is no way to run homebrew on it yet.

Kholinar4136d ago

Symantec warns about these sort of things on the Mac and Linux all the time too.

We've seen how well that works out.

ALIEN4136d ago

If i have to pay, i don't care, as long as my PS3 don't get viruses.

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