Live Playstation Move: M.A.G Gameplay Review

This is a 2 point view of playing mag with the playstation move controller on the ps3, its usable but the controller is much easier to control.


more move content can be found on our youtube:

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RPcinemas3011d ago

i just dont see the move being popular with hardcore gamers but it still looks pretty fun :)

mittwaffen3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I dont know, it just doesn't seem snappy like a mouse movement, seems like it might fight you more than help you.

Plus i'm sure holding the second controller in one hand doesnt help either, but overall i'm not impressed, it has that 'floaty' aiming system that is unacceptable when compared to a mouse.

But regardless its still the best motion tech out right now, Move 2.0 on PS4 might be amazing when they iron it out--hopefully a standard with all PS4's as their main controller too!

nickjkl3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

iron what out

i think what youre yalking about can be fixed with a change in controls

divideby03011d ago

I have to agree. I am way more interested in the device that allows you to play with a K/M in place of the controller...

darthv723011d ago

remember, this game was not made with move in mind when it was on the drawing board.

Adding in move support after the fact for several titles will yield varied results of control. It is different if the game is made from the ground up with move as a control option.

Zipper will nail it and make it work by the time 2 comes out.

DA_SHREDDER3011d ago

sorta reminds me of Killzone 2's controls.. LOL! Sorry I had to say it.

mittwaffen3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Dude, the PS3 hasnt been designed around Move and they have ALOT of backend software doing the real work (Software=Delay;Hardware=Alot less). I've seen this system used in PC games for years (Software based mouse tracking). All I know is what I just watched was clear software based solution/emulation (Emulation for a 20cent chip that can do the whole job 1,000 lines of code could do). Its just the reality with not designing the system around the hardware to offload tasks to chips (IE-very little delay). You can see this more clearly in kinect, since they took out the hardware based solution (to save $$) now it has a terrible delay and reduced performance because of the "band-aid" solution MS used.

Thats just my view, since i've learned about all of this from my professors, it (Move) has a strong co-relation to the same theories taught in class. Which is why i thought i'd say this..

I'm not a fanboy, I like technology to be pushed further and further, but this is the first step towards what will be mind blowing technology when PS4/XBox720 come around. Its just that with my understanding of processing information, its hard for me to accept that a simple 'update' for a game will fix whats being done at an OS based level.

I'd be very impressed if they iron it out via an update, but its highly unlikely, because the basis for move is done at a very low level (OS level) games that 'patch' for computability just tweak UI, speeds etc, I dont think they truly alter the OS level processing; thats from Sony.

ChozenWoan3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

The move has been integrated into the OS... aka firmware.

The reason for the floaty control scheme, where the cursor is free to float in the middle of the screen without causing your player to rotate, is more of a dev decision than a hardware/software limitation. To be honest, due to the nature of Move, if the floating box was 1:1 with the cursor, players would be rotating so fast that many people would experience motion sickness and disorientation... well more than those who can't be helped anyway.

To be honest, I'm 100% sure it is possible to reduce the floating box to the point that the cursor movements are locked to the players rotation to the point that it would be just like playing with keyboard and mouse. At that point though, you would have to reduce the max turn speed or risk losing your lunch.

Besides, seeing how this is the first half gen of Move games, we are seeing a great variety of control schemes being tried out to find out which one(s) gamers prefer. By the second one you will see standard movements in the control schemes for Move games begin to emerge.

I am fully confident that once devs and gamers get a real feel for what Move can do, you will see that the only real limitation on Move is us.

oh and I didn't hit disagree... or agree. ;p

rockleex3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I think for FPSes, it would be best if they don't let your cursor float around the screen... but rather stay at the center of the screen.

So that means if you move the Move a certain amount to the right, your screen will move that amount in the game. You should also be able to change the sensitivity.

Basically, for FPSes it should work like how the mouse works and not as a "point at this part of the TV screen to move the camera, point at that part to shoot it" thing.

Bigpappy3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Like a riffle. Sticking your one hand out there is not that steady. But it can never be as steady as a mouse, where it is always on a steady flat surface. This is why I said that the Move is very good tech, but it will never be better for FPS that were made with a controller in mind than the controller itself. Game need to be made specially for the Move. If it sells enough, developers will figure it out and make good hardcore game for it.

@mittwaffen. I actually think Kinect has less lag now than when I first saw it. So I think taking swipes at Kinect to try and sell the move to the N4G crowd was not well done here. Your facts aren't making any sense, so they must not be fact. Right?

spandexxking3011d ago

it needs a smaller deadzone. as in the "box" the cursor moves in before the character turns needs to be smaller.

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