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20 Games to Play Instead of Halo: Reach

Hooked Gamers:
"Maybe you aren't a fan of the Halo franchise and you're looking for something to fill the time while everyone else babbles on about Noble team. Or maybe you're flat broke and spending the day watching all of your friend's statuses as they play Halo: Reach, driving you mad in the process. Or - God forbid, you only own a PS3 or Wii and want to find a game that is just as good if not better than the Halo games. You are in luck because we've put together a list of 20 games to play instead of Halo: Reach."

[hit the jump for the full read] (Amnesia: The Dark Descent, God of War 3, Halo: Reach, Heavy Rain , Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, PC, PS3, Radiangames, Wii, Xbox 360)

Chuk5  +   1751d ago
I'm a huge halo fan.
But I would play these games if I didnt feel ike halo:
brawl with friends
Redrum059  +   1751d ago
why is this stuff even aproved???
its the time of tgs, can we have some more new game announcements instead.
Ma1nframe  +   1751d ago
This is a PS3 channel, no XBOX crap
This is a PS3 channel, no XBOX crap
Simco876  +   1751d ago
I know about a Million games over about 6 consoles that I would rather play than Halo Reach
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BigKev45  +   1751d ago
N4g = PS3 fanboys.
DropDeadFred   1751d ago | Spam
Pennywise  +   1751d ago
BigKev45 = Generalizer.
Urmomlol  +   1751d ago
More crap written just to get hits.

huga_muga  +   1751d ago
aaaa come on
Im a PS3 fan

i know Halo reach dosn't deserve a 10/10 like some game site gave it,

but i don't think this game is bad, i heard a lot of great stuff about it.
BeaArthur  +   1751d ago
So you haven't played it, but you know what score it doesn't deserve? Those are some pretty impressive psychic skills.
kaveti6616  +   1751d ago
I don't need to play any game to know it's not a perfect 10.

No game is perfect.
NeutralGamer  +   1750d ago
Have you ever heard about Tetris?
Pillville  +   1751d ago
incoming articles:

why Move is better than Mario
why Halo is better than LBP2
why Kinect is equal to Gears 1+2
why Wii is equal to Kinect-Halo + GOWIII^2
why Kinect will sell exactly 2.564 times more than Move
why Move will cost you $7000 in the end
why GT5 damage is better than a Pixar movie
why Halo is paint ball on crack
M-Easy  +   1751d ago
All articles approved
DeathGazer  +   1751d ago
wtf is this?
I never bought a Halo game and I never will.

Yet somehow I still always have something to play. Crazy, I know.
NeutralGamer  +   1750d ago
Do you even own a xbox?
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