Microsoft: Xbox profits may take at least two more years

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner admitted last week that it may take at least two to three more years before the Xbox 360 turns to profit. Despite the recent financial and hardware troubles of the console, the Microsoft executive remained confident and committed to gaming.

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TriggerHappy4110d ago

This kinda makes sense, and with recent price drops, they may even prolong that ..

ALI-G4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

like Microsoft in this business for profit.
Microsoft went in gaming business for one reason stop sony from becoming the biggest company = they are here to FCUK sony after sony damaged them in the PC market by huge support for Linux that coast Microsoft $1b back then .now maybe Microsoft lost 4-6b in xbox but how much profit it took from sony? if it was not for Microsoft PS2 would sold around 150M and BS3 will not be in this situation nor BLUE RAY.if Microsoft did not support HD-DVD , sony fromat (Blue-ray) would won the format and turn to be the gold mine sony looking for

@blow:read the book writen about xbox

marinelife94110d ago

I thought good old Pete Moore said they would still be profitable next fiscal year?

ghettocheeze4110d ago

Not trying to start fanboy warfare but this is a blow to investors because the gaming division has been operating for 6 years now and 2-3 more years means 10 year investment without any profits. Sorry but if they had shown this kind of forecast back when they decided to create a console division, I bet no one would have signed up for it. By 2010, the current gen should be coming to a end and Microsoft may once again try to hit the market before the competetion. So in short they mean our next console will perhaps finally make some money. They need to rethink their strategy and maybe move towards less expensive technology and target the casual crowd to make a buck.

SmokeyMcBear4110d ago

im thinking the next xbox will be coming around at that time

SubZero4110d ago

Does this take into account the cash they are dropping for repairs of there systems? If it does I don't their going to be making a profit off of consoles these Gen. Mabey how Sony is with the PS2 after a new console launches.

Captain Tuttle4110d ago

The billion already has been written's done.

Odion4110d ago

it does take into account the 1 billion.

What this means is this pretty much.

They'll start making money this year and beyond but it will take 2 years before the gaming division will have cost them nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.