Check Out The Line At This PlayStation Move Midnight Launch

Just before midnight at my local GameStop, one eager Move purchaser stood in line, stepping away to snap this photograph before continuing his devoted vigil.

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iamnsuperman2587d ago

No surprise this is from Kotaku.....The move is a peripheral that is doing well on Amazon list so people are buying them but are not going to wait outside a shop for it.....Its not like a new big game or a new console

mittwaffen2587d ago

People actually care about their money...

Controllers still rock it, why buy a motion controller when 99% of the games are based on controllers, not motion.

Kinect will fail, Move will fail-Not many people I know even care about it. This is FIRST gen motion controllers on consoles, and just like first gen 3DTV's not many people are going crazy for them, because it just isnt worth it.

I'll wait in till next gen, like majority of people to care about it.

MsmackyM2587d ago

Picked up my reserved bundle today, tried to buy an extra controller but they were sold out. How is that for failing.

nycredude2587d ago

My local gamestop stop taking preorders a week ago. I had to go to another to preorder it. I didn't know any gamestop that were holding a midnight launch.

8-bit2587d ago

@MsmackyM Yeah I bought mine today and I didn't pre order, they told me I bought the last one that they had, all others were pre ordered.

Trebius2587d ago

They're not going to oversaturate the market with them until they see if a demand builds up.

Fadetoblack692587d ago

I'd have to agree. I personally ignore all the hype and will simply wait a month or two and see what real players are saying about them. I just don't see this stuff going any further than Wii type games in the mainsteam.

DaTruth2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

It's not beyond Kotaku to show up at a closed Gamestop, take a picture, then claim there was a midnight launch!

Having a midnight launch only shows that there were so many preorders that it warranted a midnight launch. Who would really have expected a midnight launch and showed up???

Edit: Well, my comment was pretty much covered below! Beatin' to it x1000!

Bigpappy2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

We will know the truth soon enough. It is hard to see how Move will sell big numbers with out a compelling game that can not be already played with the DS3. Hate on M$ all you want, but at the end of the day, they got it right. Kinect will sell very well because it brings some thing different to that is very appealing to the CASUAL gamers. Many who have 360 will be getting it because they have kids and love ones who would not normally want to use the 360, but will use it with these Kinect games. The casuals can not get enough of Dance central, Kinect Sports and Your Shape Fitness. Those 3 game alone will sell millions of 360's. Move will not fail, but it needs Sorceress to be really good. That has to be their killer app. Even with that, there are still some casuals who see the Move as to complex, because of the Buttons. No everyone bought a Wii.

No game are bigger for women that fitness and Dancing games. Play attention Sony. Look at what really sold on the Wii.

kneon2587d ago

Just back from BB and they still had a few starter packs and some controllers. But most of the games were nearly sold out, which was surprising to me as most of the launch titles are not that great.

inveni02587d ago

Midnight launch for the Move is stupid. When GTA4 was released, I was the only PS3 owner in a line of about 20 guys.

EeJLP-2586d ago

So casual gamers are supposed to go to midnight launches or camp out for consoles now? Is that how it works?

bostoner2586d ago

it wasn't much better when i went to the midnight launch. but there are 3 other midnight places in my area. Plus if you think about it most people dont want to go buy a controller at 12 oclock just to have to charge it for a couple hours and stay up past 2am to play for a little bit before you go to sleep to get to work in the morning. but I dont have a job so thats what I did.

Windex2586d ago

BTW, GS backordered on Move and Nav. just check their website

The_Claw2586d ago

i only gave you a agree because that deftones album rocks balls.

where can i buy one of these magic crystal balls everybody on this site seems to own? *looks into the future* ohhh, i knew it!

DaTruth2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

"It is hard to see how Move will sell big numbers with out a compelling game that can not be already played with the DS3."

Why can Kinect sell without a compelling game.

DaTruth2586d ago

Above comment edited in the name of peace. Peace!!!

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Pennywise2587d ago

I will never click another Kotaku webpage again. These guys need to piss off... they are trolls. Every article they write is some form of trolling.

demonddel2587d ago

man who pee in ur coffee

cyborg69712587d ago

Prabably the same guy who came in your coffee.

Baliw2587d ago

Check out the stupid news that came from Kotaku.

demonddel2586d ago

@cyborg71 look woman i wznt talking to you mind ur bizniz

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

It's not Kotaku, it's the same Author in Kotaku that made articles like:
''This PlayStation Move Ad Hits The Wii Right Where It Hurts''

likedamaster2587d ago

Didn't expect it to Move such a big crowd. /s

It's your Move now Microsoft!

Megaton2587d ago

I'm not a fan of Kotaku either, but Sony really did release this thing like a fart in the wind. I wasn't even sure it had been released until I checked Amazon. If they're aiming for nobody to know their new peripheral exists, mission accomplished.

bjornbear2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

=| rather unprofessional....

well, thats kotaku for you

then again, not surprised.

now lets see kotaku do an article like this about GT5 midnight launch ;) (hint* they'll use the same photo - because they are credible that way)

aceitman2587d ago

2 kotakass
3all we know he took the pick just to get hits just like any other thing he says about ps3 which is mostly bad he is still pissed at sony for not sending him free stuff .

FACTUAL evidence2587d ago

Cmon guys you know that's a little funny......reading the title, then seeing the pic...lmao cmon have some humor!

TROLL EATER2586d ago

halo reach queue was packed

prunchess2586d ago

You'd think Kotaku had never heard about the internet and being able to purchase items online. Oh wait.....

DatNJDom812586d ago

Kotaku still butthurt after Sony Owned them. This article is full of hate. I nominate Kotaku as this years ""journalistic" website hater of the year"! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!! (Gotta love Chappell's Show)

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NYC_Gamer2587d ago

well..not everyone welcomes motion gaming

Godmars2902587d ago

Like anyone's been saying it was going to sell madly day-one?

CrazyForGames2587d ago

actually you would be surprised there were a few people that were saying just that

hennessey862587d ago

why do people bother with these flaimbait articals.

Kain812587d ago

KOTAKU....are these fotos from a week before Launch?
After your Slowmotion Video, you should not be here...

Anon19742587d ago

That was my thought. We know how thorough Kotaku is when it comes to verifying their sources. And is this even newsworthy? I'm sure if you looked you could have found some quiet Halo launch events - but why would you?

Narutone662587d ago

and say that it was the midnight launch party for Kinect also. Really stupid article.