Dead Rising 2 - German Retailers break Street Day

German Retailers have begun to send out Dead Rising 2 for Pre-Order Customers. 1 Week before official Release on September 24th in Europe ..

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Sneak-Out3010d ago

recieve my tomorrow ...

Cecker3010d ago

nice thing, will get it also.

WetN00dle693010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Man i wish i lived, in
Man it be cool if Capcom shipped the High Stakes Edition earlier than the 28th.
Cant wait to play as the Psycho!

Raider693010d ago

German version is censored!Most likely german retailer are afraid that some gamers went an buy the bloodiest version online!

Sneak-Out3010d ago

DR2 will not official released in Germany, most of Retailers sales the UK Version ..

kevco333010d ago

Then, surely they havn't broken the street date? If it's not officially going on sale in Germany, there is no street date!