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Kung Fu Rider is the first effort using the PlayStation Move from Sony Japan Studios. Is this PlayStation Move launch title a smooth ride, or is it a wreck waiting to happen?

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Sev2982d ago

As bad as I feel about giving this game a 2, I couldn't look myself in the mirror if I gave it anything higher.

Please do not buy this game.

unrealgamer582981d ago

And I respect you for you're honesty sir.

doctorstrange2981d ago

And it was terrible, totally a 2 from what I saw

Cajun Chicken2981d ago

Oh man, I had high hopes with this being so odd.

Killman2981d ago

This could probably work as a really cheap budget title, but nothing else, from what I have seen.

T3mpr1x2981d ago

Yeah definitely not worth $40 as this review shows.

NJShadow2981d ago

Hmmm, I take it the score also represents the dollar value of the game?