All Access: DJ Hero 2 Rooftop Listening Party in NYC (Video)

DS writes, "One thing that we learned this year at E3 is that Activision, probably more so than any other game company, knows exactly how to throw a party. Keeping this in mind, when I received word about a rooftop affair taking place in New York City for DJ Hero 2, I RSVP’d in what seemed like a blink of an eye. The party was filled with great music, an open bar, but most importantly some up close and personal time with the game which is actually shaping up to be better than it’s predecessor in every way. We had the chance to chat with Doug Gtuzmacher who is the game’s associate producer as well as DJ Blakey – the DJ behind all of the scratches, mixes, and mash-ups that make up DJ Hero 2’s track list. Make sure to check out all of the party highlights in the clip below!"

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JoelT2981d ago

looked like a lot of fun. DJ Blakey is the man!

Hitman07692981d ago

This is a great video showing off the entire event, great interview in there, looking like a hot game to me and I normally don't get into the music gaming genre. Also good music so that's a plus.

taz80802981d ago

I am looking forward to the new dj hero even though the first one was not well renowned. This party looked like fun too.

thevokillist2981d ago

The video looks awesome. Looks like the event went extremely well!