VGamers | 5 Must Have iPhone 4 Apps: For Game Center

VGamers: top 5 must have iphone 4 apps with game centre enabled

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RPcinemas3010d ago

awesome, gamecenter is a bit dead right now it needs a lot more games !

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Christopher3010d ago

OpenFeint, Chillango, and a few others have already made a place in the market.

I'm big on supporting whatever is the best, and Game Center has some good features and is built into the iPhone infrastructure.

Most games use OpenFeint, though, and not sure if devs will work to implement Game Center with current/old titles or just their future titles. One huge win with OpenFeint is that it's cross-platform compatible, combining Android and IOS platform features into a single system. I really like how OpenFeint has grown in the last year alone, managed by some stellar developers.

Multiplayer functionality pretty much requires WiFi for the mass majority of games, unfortunately.

Most of the Game Center games right now are fairly lackluster compared to what's out there. Field Runners is probably the best Game Center game out there so far.

If Apple gets EA, Ubisoft, and similar big game devs to support Game Center, that will be a pretty big win for them. Zynga is already supporting them, but I think those apps are mostly used on facebook and not the iPhone. Still, a big win considering how big Zynga is now.

pimpmaster3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

i dont understand what gamecenter does that open feint doesnt already do. and top it off with my phone being unlocked so i cant upgrade :(

Christopher3009d ago

It is better for friends tracking and multiplayer game management. Otherwise, they're pretty much the same thing. Game Center itself is a bit of an improvement in that you can actually see everything from outside of a game like you can on XBL or PSN.

Regardless, good thing is that games can utilize both without issue (like Field Runners).

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Colinwhite833010d ago

its a nice feature to have but it needs more games!

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