PlayStation Move Taking Over Amazon’s Bestseller List

As the PlayStation Move releases worldwide, including the United States, consumers are wanting to get Sony’s motion controller in their hands which can clearly be portrayed by Amazon’s bestseller list being filled with PlayStation Move-related products.

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doctorstrange2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

But Move needs to be successful so devs'll make a bunch of games for the controller.

Good to see I invested in a platform that will remain supported for the foreseeable future.

Sev2775d ago

That's a great point. Hopefully devs will see the potential. It's definitely there.

doG_beLIEfs2775d ago

We need to play some online games with the Move so I can get my ass kicked by you since you have had the Move since September 8th.


TOO PAWNED2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

talk about ass kissing...ugh

What happend with your "horror game and killer app" for TGS? Nice one

deadreckoning6662775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

WOW..thats pretty impressive for the Move. Suprising even since its overpriced(naivigation controller is 30 bux) and there are only two worthwhile games to get it for at launch. Time Crisis and RE5. Ones an on-rails shooter and the other is a game thats more than a year old. If Sony had included the navigation controller(yes, if u want the FULL Move experience, ur not gunna use the DualShock 3) instead of Sports Champions in the bundle, I woulda bought Move day one.

"The consumers that have had experience with the sub hd wii now have the chance to get a more accurate yet similar interface on a power hd system with very creative games to back it up."

Its not that simple. Its been proven that most of the people who buy the Wii aren't concerned about HD graphics. Heck, most of them don't even know what 1:1 tracking is. To say that these people are interested in spending $300 on an HD system and another $100+ to get the Move AND buy a game with it is a HUGE stretch...especially considering they aleady have a $200 Wii that does practically the SAME thing as the Move in the eyes of parents and casual gamers.

@Disagrees- I'd like to hear your side..explain. This is a thread and we converse. Well, converse.

Wh15ky2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

RE5 isn't worth getting for Move. From what I've played with the Move I would say The Shoot, Echochrome 2, Tumble and Hustle Kings are far superior to RE5 and all those games are enhanced when played with the Move as opposed to the DS3.
It cost me £29.99, that's the same price as a wiimote (without motion plus), I don't see how that's overpriced.

I downloaded the patch for Hustle Kings last night. A word of warning though, it is very frustrating for the first 10-20 minutes or so, but you should find it worthwhile once you've adapted.

nycredude2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

It's only your opinion if you think it's overpriced. Price is a relative thing. I think the Bugatti Veyron is grossly overpriced but fuck if I could afford it I wouldn't think so.

Wait Hustle Kings will support Move? Fuck me I have that!!!

FishCake9T42775d ago

No mate. I played it for the first time today ( at gamestation ) thinking it was going to be crap and a rip off of the Wii, but i was totally wrong. Sports Champions or whatever its called is amazing. Certainly getting it now.

Newtype2775d ago

When it comes to value, price does not matter.

8-bit2775d ago

Awesome! I just picked up my move controller, nav, RE5 and Sport champion. I didn't know Hustle Kings has move support too! I am also waiting for the MAG patch.

WhittO2775d ago

I cant believe Kinect is no 15 on Amazon!!

Are people seeing all of the Move stuff on PS3 and thinking that it looks great and Kinect is the alternative? Kinect has nothing on the game quality Move provides.

punisher992775d ago

You are by far the stupidest person I have ever met. But anyway, lets find out just how many times can you edit that one bubble post.

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paintsville2775d ago

Sony has a unique opprotunity to capitalize on the momentum of Wii here. The consumers that have had experience with the sub hd wii now have the chance to get a more accurate yet similar interface on a power hd system with very creative games to back it up. As a result i'm not surprised that the move is actually "moving" very well.

nycredude2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I hope this shit sells boat loads so we get great support, not that I doubt Sony ability and plan to support it. I am doing my part today. Picking up the bundle, and extra move controller and the navi controller.

How did I lose a bubble? Fucking fanboys!

Takoulya2775d ago

You may have lost a bubble because of your excessive profanity.

Christopher2775d ago

#1: Halo: Reach
#2-whatever: Move.

I think Microsoft's plans to keep Reach release near Move is one of the smartest things they've done.

totallysane2775d ago

have fun posting next article. really bringin up that gay game in a ps move article really? fuckin troll go away

Christopher2775d ago

It's an article about sales on

Right now, here's the charts:

1: Halo: Reach
2: PS Move Starter Bundle
3: Wii GH5 bundle
4: PS Move Controller
5: Civilization 5
6: PS Move Navigation Controller

Now, it's great that the PS Move is up there, but it's far from a stellar start. Reach is still king of the charts and a Wii game and a game from 3 years ago are also up there.

And GTFO of here with calling a franchise that is so recognized, loved, and rated gay. Hell, I've never even played Halo and I know better than to just be ignorant about it.

mastiffchild2775d ago

The lack of a bundle for those already owning a PSEye are what boggled me but as my lad lost all interest in Kinect after learning only two could play at a time he set on this and it's there for me to pick up in the morning for him(natch). I didn't see why there wasn't a pack with a disc, two wands and a nav, tbh, though all it really means is we'll have one up and one downstairs now and they're a decent bit of kit-esp if you lose you headset, a dog eats it , whatever.

We''re just getting the starter pack, an extra wand and a nav(DS3 in one hand is way hard for kids hands being really honest)but so we can have as many playing as we do on the Wii we're getting a couple more wands in a week or two. I don't see it as over priced, really, as it's more accurate than M+ and that works out more expensive bought separately anyway. Plkus remember how many mums you saw buying a wii with handfuls of Wiimotes, Chucks and peripherals? If the whole family can play the majority of the games value comes in spades. To play four player Kinect, however, would be a dear do, would it not? It's all relative to your needs and family's desires, isn't it?

doG_beLIEfs2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

The precision and accuracy is UNBELIEVABLE. This will spread like a cancer once people play move...especially those with Wii's.

My 5 year old son and his friend were playing the sword game in sports champions....and I had to keep telling my sons friend that its not like the have to actually swing the controller like you are swinging a sword....he kept just wiggling the controller very fast back and forth and my son was kicking his ass because he was swinging it like a sword.

Millions of people are going to have to be weened from Wiitardation.

Not trolling...just simple facts.

Once you go Move, you stop playing with your Wii.

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HOSe2775d ago

moves cool. just not worth it RIGHT now. get at me when MGS rising comes out

Zir02775d ago

Very good for Move indeed seems like it should sell quite decently.

Although this is slightly off topic I find it odd that Kinect's sales have dramatically increased when Move released it usually sits around 40th but now its in the top 15, very strange.

gamingdroid2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Could be the more "core" gamer shown at TGS for Kinect....

eggbert2775d ago

just happened and some games got announced. Whenever games get announced for any platform sales will increase.

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Belasco2775d ago

I am taking the wait and see approach, mainly because of my experience with the Wii. Yes, I know move is way more accurate, but its still essentially the same thing with much prettier graphics.

DanSolo2775d ago

To be honest mate, MOVE is alot better than the Wii!

I got the Wii after I had been out drinking with a friend and went in a Gamestore and played a demo that had been set up. We played the Tennis and I was thinking wow this is just the first release games just think of how much better it will get...... well the truth is, It didn't get any better than that. The Wii is fine for casual gamers but not much else.

With the Move though, there is alot of potential for it. It is alot more precise and you can see the possible applications for it in future games. I got it Day one and I would definately recommend it... I just hope it is pushed as far as it can be (I get the feeling it will).

My one and only problem with it is... why did they not add some analogue sticks? When I was playing the Gladiator game in Sports Champions I was constantly thinking to myself about how great it would be if you could move your character.... then I was imagining playing games like Oblivion with it like that. It would truly be awesome, I just hope that perhaps that little expansion slot on the bottom that remains a mystery as to its purpose is actually for some kind of sleeve that slips over the unit and has an offset analogue stick on it... wishful thinking maybe... but I challenge you to play the Gladiator game for a while and not agree lol.

Ok that was a shitload of typing, for those of you who read it and now are bleeding from the eyes.... I am sorry ;)
But in conclusion.... BUY MOVE, it is definately a worthy addition to the world of gaming!

Sikct9a2775d ago

Waiting for ups to drop mine off :/

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