Germany Loves ze Wii, Nintendo

German gamers have shown a strong preference to Nintendo products as of late, with both a Nintendo console and first-party games topping sales charts.

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The Real Joker4138d ago

The germans also love David Hasselhoff. Sorry...I had to do it.

fury4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

strange people, right now there is almost no games for it

djt234138d ago

wii have a lot of games what are you talking about

alaaji4138d ago

When people say that there aren't any games out for a particular console, are they saying there are actually few games out or that there aren't any games that they want to play out? I just get tired of reading that all the time.

According to wikipedia, there are 330 games out or coming out for the Wii in the near future. I don't have time to count the number that are actually out at this very moment.

4138d ago