1 UP: Final Fantasy XIV “Rushed to Market”

Final Fantasy XIV is scheduled to release worldwide this month for the PC but a lot of gamers who participated in the mmorpg’s recent Open Beta had numerous complaints about the game and feared the full product would be a disappointment.

Ahead of the game’s launch Square Enix tried to ease those fears during the Final Fantasy XIV “prelive” event held yesterday in Tokyo’s Ebisu Garden Hall where 1UP had this to say about the game:

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syrion2860d ago

SE needs money, they don't care about customer.

Reibooi2860d ago

Well there is alot to say about this.

Firstly is that the game is far from broken. The worst problems with the Open beta have already been proven to be fixed by SE for the final release. These issues being the laggy interface and being able to use a Hardware mouse instead of the games.

That said there is very little wrong with the game. It's certainly different and won't appeal to everyone's taste but it's not broken like alot of other MMO's when they launch(Age of Conan comes to mind)

There is also the fact that the REAL launch for this game will likely be when the PS3 version is released. SE is getting it out now because it's in a perfectly playable form but alot will be added by the time the PS3 version comes out and that will more then likely act as the true launch for the game.

Saryk2860d ago

Well I have been trying to download the beta for three days, still not half way. And how many days until release? I would wait until the game is released at least a month for the big squashing to begin. But as it going to fail, I imagine that it will do as any other MMO released.

Reibooi2860d ago

There is one main thing that helps Final Fantasy XI keep going and it's the way SE runs the servers.

They don't split up different nations onto different servers like every other MMO ever made. The auto translate system allows for all nations to play on the same servers and as such allows for more people to enjoy the game together. That along with the fact that the games are very much gear towards the Japanese means that the Japanese side of things won't allow the game to fail any time soon.

SE is taking the same approach this time with Final Fantasy XIV. The only real difference is that the game isn't gonna be as hardcore or time sinkish as most other MMO. But the key concepts that helped Final Fantasy XI be a success are in place in XIV.

I simply don't see this game failing. It's popularity in the US isn't gonna determine a failure or not. It doesn't matter where SE gets subscriptions from. The US is not the whole world. This game is being released in quite a few different territories and as such has many more places then the US to rely on. The fact alone that not many MMO's are released in Japan helps the game right there.

I'm not saying the game is gonna be a smash hit. Far from it. In fact Final Fantasy XI was never a really big hit. But it was a big enough success to make SE quite a bit of money and the same will more then likely happen with FF. Massive WoW sized hit? Doubtful. Successful MMO that stays around for awhile? Certainly.

DA_SHREDDER2860d ago

Not that it surprises me, but I dont believe anything anyone from 1up has to say anyways. Nothing but a bunch of fake gamers that work at 1up.

MGRogue20172860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

... They chucked it out there with a broken hip.. =/

rebirthofcaos2860d ago

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh really this game is as rush as the Xbox 360 release.

JAMurida2860d ago

I always thought the same as well. Seems SE wants to put the game out, at least on PC, before the WoW expansion.

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