Toys R Us Gets Exclusive EyePet Move Bundle

Toys R Us has updated their website with details of a surprise exclusive EyePet Move bundle priced at a reasonable $99.99. Scheduled to hit stores on September 24th, this bundle replaces Sony’s Sports Champions with the ultra cute virtual EyePet.

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Chuk53012d ago

That could blow up right there. Good move Sony.

DarkTower8053011d ago

This will be hot around Christmas time.

golsilva3011d ago

i think its in response to reviews saying eyepet is one of the best move launch games so sony creates another bundle to entice people with a different game. i think sony should create a move bundle with the fight when it launches. not a ps eye, move and game bundle but a game and controller bundle for maybe 80 or 70 bucks for existing move owners so they can fully utilize the 2 move controller function of the game

IRetrouk3011d ago

i got 2 navs starter kit and an extra move controller plus sports champion, its good fun, but very casual at the min, waiting for the shed load of core games that are going to start releasing soon.

RageAgainstTheMShine3011d ago

They so adore the critter!
Oh well might be getting this one too.

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