IncGamers: F1 2010 Review

IncGamers' John Robertson takes pole position and puts Codemasters' highly anticipated F1 racer to the test.

"There’s so much on offer here that it’s impossible to cover it all without waffling on for ten thousand words. Those with an interest in Formula 1 will appreciate the work that has gone into the finer details such as having to contend with dirty air behind an opponent, having to look after your eight engines through a season, the track drying along the racing line more quickly than off of it and the positive reaction from your Lotus team as you manage to pick up a single point in a race."

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Dorjan3008d ago

sweet! A good F1 game, 'bout bloody time!

syrinx3008d ago

Yeh this rocks your socks off. Best F1 game for ages!