Kombo | Final Fantasy XIII Agito and Versus Trailers Leaked Online

Square Enix showed trailers for it's mysterious Final Fantasy XIII follow-ups at TGS this year, but to a closed theatre. YouTube user SQEXgal was able to sneak in some kind of camera though, and appears to not be nervous at all about it.

SQEXgal has an incredibly steady hand for someone who is doing exactly what Square Enix asked theatre goers not to do. It's not so much shaky-cam footage, as it is poorly angled steady-cam footage.

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Kurisu2589d ago

This is the 20 millionth article I've seen about this today.

Duplicate to the MAX!

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Newtype2588d ago

What's with the trolling 360 tag?

FamilyGuy2588d ago

How come they can't force Kotaku to pull these vids, anyone have a clue?

Black-Helghast2588d ago

Yeah!! I can't wait to play this on my ps3!!! :D

Otheros002588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Need more info about the game.

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