PlayStation Move Selling Well With Online Retailers

It looks as though PlayStation Move has been getting a better reception than expected with several online retailers tracking the hardware in their top 10 best sellers list.

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Newtype3007d ago

It's 7:16am, and it's still not here....-_-;;....

zootang3007d ago

My local Blockbuster, Argos and Tesco are all sold out. Gutted! I thought I could just walk in one of those stores and pick it up.

CyberCam3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

And the Move (none bundled) is sold out (besides pre-orders) in 4x Bestbuy's & 5x EBGames in my area (eastern part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada). I was lucky enough to get my 4x Move controllers, I had to do some driving though! There's still plenty of the Sub controllers available. I'm charging them up now!

I live in Whitby and I had to go to the Oshawa, Whitby & Ajax stores to get my 4x Move controllers. I had a $400 Bestbuy gift certificate to spend. I literally had to get the last one from each store.

nightfallinicedearth3007d ago

I picked up a bundle at the Futurshop at Queen and Dundas this morning. Best Buy, HMV and EB in that area were sold out.

Raoh3007d ago

picking up my games, 2 controllers and navcon later at nearby gamestop this afternoon when i go to lunch...

Octo13007d ago

Well that's good. On the way to EB Games to get my bundle. Good sales mean more support from third party publishers.

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The story is too old to be commented.