HD DVD: We're Not at War with Blu-ray

It's hard to miss the ping pong game of rhetoric between the promotion groups pushing HD DVD and Blu-ray. From sales figures to exclusive deals, press releases are churned out almost daily. The so-called "format war" is Betamax and VHS redux - at least that's what the media wants you to think.

But the real competition is with standard-definition DVDs and convincing the masses of the merits of hi-def. And that's the crux of why HD DVD just doesn't care that Blu-ray has more studio deals or the PS3: none of this matters yet until more people start upgrading.

Unfortunately, you won't hear either side say that publicly, because it's important to make consumers feel like they are missing out by not becoming early adopters. The advantages aren't as clear as they were with first-generation DVDs, and a format war helps garner critical media attention.

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bym051d3533d ago

Not at war? Then why pay so much money for the new exclusives?

Marceles3533d ago

lol exactly...I didn't even know the HD DVD group had $150 mil to spare for the exclusivity deal in the first place

THC CELL3533d ago

they raised the white flag

DJ3533d ago

Finally say “We’re not competing anymore.” This would all be over if Microsoft stopped putting the dying format on life support. It's only making things worse.

Boon Tarkas3533d ago

PS3 owners would stop propping up the Blu-Ray format.

DJ3533d ago

I should stop buying those Blu-ray movies, huh?

crazyman3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Do you mean like when Sony said "we're not competing with MS or Nintendo"?

EDIT: Whats with all the disagrees, Its true they said it, I'll find the story and post it.

cuco333533d ago

this just means that HD DVD group knows this war won't have a winner anytime soon if at all and they are more than willing to accept a stalemate and allow both formats to strive. question is how will sony's camp handle the BR corner from here on in

like i've said ladies... this 'war' will not have a winner

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XxZxX3533d ago

HUH??????????????????????????? ?????
$150 million is a sign of desperation and not having war? I dont get it. So toshiba has so much money to throw in?

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The story is too old to be commented.